The Liminalist # 72: Devil in the Details (with Cathi Morgan)


Part one of two-part conversation with Cathi Morgan of UK Mind Manipulation, on areas of overlap in research, the tots and pops, London School of Economics & Tavistock, Jimmy Savile, Mass Observation, and dance halls, the question of compulsion for a researcher, military underground bases, laying the groundwork for remembering, anchoring the memory, the mainstream conspiracy narrative vs. the subtleties of experience, conspiratainment as a safety valve, looking at history from a different perspective, putting the pieces together, finding yourself on the map of history, the devil in the details, if these are the means. . ., a rational basis for insanity, learning to distrust, putting up boundaries, Kinsey & child abuse, experimenting with twins, a family under surveillance, Jasun compares his abuse symptoms to his brother, the trauma of having a narcissistic mother, a two-faced father, hot-housing in childhood, the harm of early reading, the Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) and the Horsley family, a minefield of denial, the danger of digging, Tony Blair’s right-hand man.

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Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Lonely Alibi,” by Sky Parade.

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  1. I couldn’t make out some of what your guest was saying, but good talk none the less. I always avoided MK Ultra research in the past, but to understand the current theme in social engineering it seems like this would be an area I need to look into.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, sometimes a Skype signal is poor, tho usually I am more aware of it at the time and can address it.

    I always record my own voice in a separate program then splice the two together.

  3. Jasun,

    it sounds to me like you are struggling with Garbonzo’s death because you have been left with a love you feel you can no longer act upon?

    with the result being grief?

    I say get another cat; no it won’t be the G-man; but after a while you will probably recognize aspects of G in this other cat because as it interacts with you, that “ennmeshment” you describe will take place, just like it did with G…

    You probably saw yourself in Garbonzo? and visa versa; what choice did he have considering you were one of the few, if not the only “person” to relate to him as a person and a cat…

    How Christ like of you.

    How did he deal with your wife? (if he was there first?)

    What did he do when y’all made love?

    ( I had one that would hop up on the bed, look us over, and then pick a spot at one of the bottom corners, do severals turns, or stand there and “make bread”; and then settle into a circle, or the “meat loaf” position, and just chill. I though it funny the cat could ignore us as we engaged in spirited congress?)

  4. I found it interesting that Cathy says she thought a project like MKULTRA could only happen in America. But in fact, its origins were British: at least many of the MKULTRA psychiatrists in Canada were trained in London and Edinburgh, not only at Tavistock but at places like Maudsley College. There also were ties between Tavistock and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute where Mengele trained. The infamous Dr Cameron came from Bridge of Allan, Scotland — his righthand man at the Allan Memorial, Dr Peter Roper was an RAF pilot shot who was wounded in a bombing raid over Germany in 1945. The UK was the planning centre for a program that found most of its guinea pig/victims in Canada — literally thousands of Quebec orphans and Canadian aboriginal children were unwittingly drafted into a program and ended up in mass graves that are a not-so-well-kept secret across Canada. Not to mention the Irish (and Scottish) children e.g. in orphanages, whose stories (including mass graves) are now coming to light. We need to connect these dots. Children of the (often Masonic) military were actually a relatively elite group inside MKULTRA — intended for future positions of power e.g. in media and politics.

    There also seems to be a pattern of covert take-overs of family businesses by an outside gang: in Cathy’s case it was a family brewery, in yours it was Northern Foods. I knew two Montreal brothers who were heirs to a local oil company. Growing up in the sixties, one gravitated into drugs and the other into radical politics. Sometime in the 1980s the company folded or was bought out by an American company. I think one of MKULTRA’s goals or side effects was to dismantle local elites and push a globalist agenda, in part by targeting the children of these elites.

    This interview really resonated for me. Thanks to both of you.

    • I recall Cathy saying (not to me) that she had once thought that MK-ULTRA couldn’t happen in the UK as an unthinking emotional reaction, assumption that she soon realized was wrong. I don’t recall her saying that here, but maybe it was meant in a similar way. I’m not sure when the “takeover” of NF would have occurred, if you are right; most obviously when my father left to start a paper (a disaster) and Chris Haskins took over. It was also Haskins who, decades earlier, forged the tie with M & S, a known Zionist-tied corporation, so …

      • Yesterday someone sent me a Peter Levenda interview which I half listened to — so slick, so charming, so ‘sincere’ about his research which skirt the really heavy stuff aka the truth. And then I had a small revelation. In that interview The Round Table came up (the same Round Table you mentioned your grandfather signing onto?) along with the Nine and Puharich and all that — woowoo material, as I think of it — but the woowoo exists to distract and entertain us with side issues such as, isnt it fascinating that Lee Harvey Oswald called himself “Alex” after a character in a novel from forty years earlier that apparently described the JFK assassination. Sleight-of-hand stuff that sidelines the deep politics and keeps the stoners hooked to their feeding tube.

        So, vaguely curious, I googled the Round Table and found an article explaining it was a 1950s project based in Maine that investigated the paranormal, and ended up channeling “The Nine” who were off-planet entities (or deities) with a deep interest in human affairs:

        It goes on to say that “The Nine’s disciples included multi-millionaire businessmen (many hiding behind pseudonyms and including members of Canada’s richest family, the Bronfmans), European nobility, scientists from the Stanford Research Institute and at least one prominent political figure who was a personal friend of President Gerald Ford.”

        So this was a kooky cult. Except wait a minute: this was a ‘supreme cult’ due to having so many powerful people who subscribed to it (‘disciples’ — like your grandfather?) Whenever I see the Bronfmans mentioned, my ears prick up — and here they are listed with “European nobility,” the notorious Stanford Research Institute, and a friend of Gerald Ford (who was a big MKULTRA friend) as members of a cult led by nine ancient Gods of Egypt.

        I don’t think we could find a more concentrated constellation of World-Destroyers, than these — are tied into everything from the JFK assassination to mind control to Crowley to your grandfather. And down the line, to “Tony Blair’s right hand man.”

        My point? I think we underestimate how small the world is, and how devilish these details really are. Except when we focus on Garbanzo. Then we come close to the truth about it All–

        • I enjoyed this comment ^^^

          Is the Round Table that funded The Nine the same as Cecil Rhodes’ foundation, which would be the one my grandfather helped to finance? I am pretty sure it is. Cathi would know, and probably Jason Wilcox. & Google. 🙂

          • The Wikipedia entry for Rhodes’ Round Table brings up many people of interest, and says Rhodes reorganized it as a ‘secret society’ based on the hierarchical model of the Jesuits.
            “Historian Carroll Quigley claimed that the Round Table Groups were connected to a secret society, which South African diamond baron Cecil Rhodes is believed to have set up with similar goals. Rhodes was believed by some to have formed this secret society in his lifetime. This secret society is supposed to have been named the Society of the Elect.[7]

            Rhodes first formalised his idea with William T. Stead, editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, when he and Stead agreed on the structure of the secret society. This proposed secret society had an elaborate hierarchical structure, based on that of the Jesuits, which comprised: at the top, the position of “General of the Society”—a position modelled on the General of the Jesuits—to be occupied by Rhodes, with Stead and Lord Rothschild as his designated successors; an executive committee called the “Junta of Three”, comprising Stead, Milner and Reginald Baliol Brett (Lord Esher); then a “Circle of Initiates”, consisting of a number of notables including Cardinal Manning, Lord Arthur Balfour, Lord Albert Grey and Sir Harry Johnston; and outside of this was the “Association of Helpers”, the broad mass of the Society. …”

            It’s interesting to skim the histories of the well-known players (like Rhodes himself, Rothschild, Lord Balfour, Lippman etc etc) because even at a glance, we can see that the ideologies we’ve lived under for generations were formed by these Round Table members. And if the secret society included channelers of the Nine ancient Egyptian Gods — that’s a lot of conspiracy meat packed into one can.

            It brings us all closer together, doesn’t it? We’re all living in the world these same people planned — which includes UFOs, Cold War ideologues, spies, Zionists, mind control, etc etc all under one big umbrella. I doubt I’m really oversimplifying.

  5. Hi Jaysun, We have the same birthday.
    Any idea what happened to Cathy Morgan?
    Last post Nov. 2021
    The end of last post was a question as to the militarization of Dream research.
    “Deep Dream”?


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