Psychedelic Pathogens & Ufobia: 2 New Deep Dives in the Dark on The Dodcast & The Farm

Two-parter with Luke Dodson that digs deep into the psychedelic experience to uncover a whole lot of cloud & not much silver lining.

Dodcast #9: Jasun Horsley

Dodcast #9.5: Jasun Horsley

In-depth revisit to the traumagenesis & crucial fictions of the UFO “experience” and its many ties to organized intelligence/malevolence, with Recluse at The Farm:


Dodcast 1 & 2:



The Farm:




10 thoughts on “Psychedelic Pathogens & Ufobia: 2 New Deep Dives in the Dark on The Dodcast & The Farm”

  1. @doscasts. Insightful and timely on an important, little-discussed topic – helpful to me personally… I came away thinking psychedelics at their best can catalyse embarking on a “journey” away from the “Matrix”, which has both an internal and an external manifestation. A journey that in theory can be one of “zero distance” but more often than not is convoluted, and not completed before death. For a number of reasons diacussed at length here continued/increased usage of psychedelics is generally more likely to hamper than to help us on that journey (e.g. by encouraging us into “second matrix” territory) and has dubious motivations (e.g. ego inflation and/or “storming heaven”) … in some instances they *can* provide further insights/experiences that help keep us heading to the exit… just as some presumably may never have even started down the road if it weren’t for psychedelic encouragement..(?)..

    • A succinct description of the psychedelic paradox that Jasun and I were discussing – thanks for this.

      For all his faults, Alan Watts’s advice still has a lot to recommend it – when you get the message, hang up the receiver.

      Or as my brother put it, in his last email to me – “when you get the email, close the account.”

      • Haha, as a burgeoning Permaculturist I’ve wondered whether a slightly feral cat would be helpful with keeping the birds nervous that land on my soon to bear fruit trees…

    • Hi ced, hi bonce, looking forward to meeting you both.

      I quite liked the point made about insights being streamed at such a high rate, the journeyer often can’t assimilate and reach such states of bliss and insight through ordinary means and sobriety, so continually enters back into that realm not knowing how to manifest these experiences sober, evermore pedestaling the substance, inadvertently demoting and denigrating the current potential. Spiritua burnout in this context of evaluating and comparing everything in relation to the pyschedlic experience can lead to a road nowhere.

      “What are you doing down there? Getting up”

      A trip one of these days is out of order

  2. Completely off topic but was just thinking that the “nature is abundant” narrative that seems to have been picked up by certain new agers / permaculturalists is misleading in that it is far more applicable to the tropics than it is to temperate regions of the planet… (not to mention deserts). In the British and Irish Isles (and presumably much of mainland Europe, etc) the only time that can really be said to be abundant is two months at harvest time : August and September — the rest of the year’s abundance is completely reliant on careful storage and preservation of food or produce coming from overseas. For the white man to be able to enjoy the abundance enjoyed by the tropical rainforest/savannah dweller he must exploit or at least trade with the latter – thus setting the trend that we needn’t sacrifice or set limits and fasting has become a thing of the past… “please sir, can I have some more…. podcasts…” 🙂
    In previous ages, limits were an unavoidable reality, now they are a choice…

  3. Interesting timing wth this post Jasun. I’ve been researching aspects of mushroom use in relation to shamanic ceremonies and burial mounds. My searching eventually led me to the Wikipedia page about The Mothman Prophecies (film), where your insightful views are quoted in the Themes and Interpretations section! I find as I get older I have more trepidation about ‘storming heaven’, and putting my feet up on God’s desk, although when I was a younger and perhaps more psychopathic seeker I stole fizzy lifting drink often and even bumped into the ceiling at least once, which of course had to be cleaned and sterilized, and almost got me thrown out of the Factory entirely.


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