News from the Front Line in the End Times: Dave O’s Save the Heffalump Campaign

It’s been an epic weekend. (I was going to write “historic,” but the end of (the nightmare of) history can’t really be a historic event, can it!)  Three consecutive daze of unadulterated enlightenment transmission (yes! I used the term; well, technically it was a transmission, and technically, Dave is enlightened, so why the hell not?)

Though it consisted of Dave talking nonstop (with a bit of interaction around the mid-point, at the end of Sat event), words cannot begin to describe what has just happened. But here’s what I am going to lead with:

Dave is talking about the end times.

Dave is talking about being on the front line!

Dave has finally stopped talking about saving humanity!!

Why’s all that mean so much to me?

Anyone who’s been around at least since 2009 knows why I crow about the first two; as for the last, this what I once wrote, channeled, bullshitted, as Jason Wynd in Apotheosis of Species in 2001, and later recycled as Aeolus Kephas in Homo Serpiens (a book I renounced).

[T]his world is an illusion. Humanity is a false construct, built by a Demiurge, a false god, to prop itself up. This is the primary error of Consensus, as what must be broken, in a final and devastating fashion. . . . Facing up to the fact that all our criteria for judging, for knowing anything at all, are false criteria—imposed from without by possibly malignant but certainly “alien” (i.e., incompatible with human evolution) forces—this is ipso facto a process of derangement. If . . . reality is a snare, then insanity—rejection of consensus reality—is the only feasible escape from this snare.

Admittedly, I didn’t know what I was talking about back then (hence the necessary renunciation). But I wasn’t wrong either!

(It is possible to be right and not know what we are talking about—quite dangerous too. If we are lucky, the times will catch up with us, and we will catch up with ourselves and see what we were babbling about. Drunks, madmen, and children often speak truths well beyond their ken.)

So where was I? Oh yeah, Dave isn’t talking about saving humanity anymore. Why? Because he has refined his terms in the nick of time, and tossed out that clunky (and very square, see below) old concept that is part of the brainwash, and replaced it with (wait for it) the Human Energy Field, or HEF for short.

Bodies, people, families, countries, societies (“humanity”!) are all epiphenomena of the HEF. It is the HEF that is the endangered species. It is not that human bodies are in danger of all being destroyed; it is something more deeply creepy. Our life force is being disconnected from our bodies, leaving empty flesh and blood vessels behind to walk the earth, as zombie-robots for a non-sentient program to animate. (You have seen the movies: these are the surrogate realities we are conjuring, first as fiction, then as fact.)

To be on the front line, for don Oshana, doesn’t mean becoming cannon fodder for geopolitical agendas, but to willingly engage in an inner conflict, a spiritual war. It means pushing through all the (Ahrimanic, Luciferian) distractions, deceptions, distortions, and dissociative mechanisms that cut us off from existence, and tuning into the invisible support system that surrounds us and informs us (the Sun & Earth, Soul & Body: the HEF).

In order to connect to the HEF consciously and volitionally, the current conditions of the HEF have to be felt by us, really deeply felt. These conditions are not good (think, “Jesus-hanging-on-a-cross-while-ravens-peck-out-his-eyes” not-good).

To rediscover our awareness of our (crucified) bodies and reopen our senses requires seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling directly through our bodies and with all of our life force (fully living), not referring to the simulations of the mind (the menu over the meal) that are threatening to replace those senses.

Think of it this way: our sense impressions have been simulated for so long, and now so state-of-the-art-efficiently, pervasively, and persuasively by our mediated minds that we are vulnerable to being moved permanently over into a simulation of experience that has no correspondence with actual sensory reality: a matrix made of copies, dreams, memories, and corporate-sponsored fantasies.

TL;DR: You will be reincarnated as your Facebook account.

Our awareness will then be fully and finally caught inside a mental and artificial construct; our life force and our bodies will have been vacated; Elvis will have left the building. Once this happens—if it hasn’t already, Dave’s prognosis is not good—The HEFfalump has been captured; all that remains is disembowelling, dismembering, and devouring the carcass.

The above is my own riff off of some of the things Dave said towards the very end of this weekend . . . dare I say, celebration? . . . this news flash from the front line in the end times. What follows is more from the horse’s mouth than its rear end, if you will (call me nothing if not self-defacing; prematurely ejaculating prophets must do public penance, don’t you know):

Until there is no corner of the Human Energy Field that has still this darkness, disease, or contraction within it (Dave proviso: The HEF is not a square, it’s more roundish), there will be no rest for the wicked (OK, I embellished the last bit).

What I am talking about (says Dave), there is no social context for it; but in my feeling, it is the only truth I know.

When consciousness separates from the body (in death), the HEF is all we will experience. Death under these current conditions is not a holiday camp—it is a prison camp. I (Dave) am aware of the next stop on the night train—out of this world. There is nothing to look forward to (currently). All that leaves is our best shot at the reformation, redemption, restoration of the Human Energy Field, while we still have any say in eternity.

Save the HEFfalump!

Dave didn’t say that last bit. But then Dave said this:

After twenty years, a breakthrough is happening.

(Twenty years since Dave got enlightened, since Jason Wynd prematurely ejaculated after an aborted “apotheosis” experience in Panama—as ejaculated at least semi-satirically in Matrix Warrior, c.f. “Leaving the Matrix.” Horses for courses.)

We have fulfilled the first condition, says Dave (to love one another—a bit), and are now ready to go forth. This is not about the externals: only when internal change happens will it show up on the outside.

In the midst of this surprising—for me greatly uplifting— announcement, Dave mentioned a Jeshua line about loving one another. The day before, I read a similar line in the Rudolph Steiner bio I am reading (courtesy of Dale Brunsvold). It is from John 15:15, and I think it fits the occasion better than the one Dave cited:

Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

Hallelujah. We are at the starting line. The end is in sight.


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32 thoughts on “News from the Front Line in the End Times: Dave O’s Save the Heffalump Campaign”

  1. It seems TO ME that there is a widening gulf between the nature of the expressions of this sort and those found in the written text of Jasun’s books: they are pragmatically tonally out of synch, again from my perspective.

    To give just one example of what I’m talking about, the JH of VoK was communicating so liminally that he stopped short of saying that the pedophiles were all bad. This same radical uncertainty and liminality seems, again – TO ME – to have a blind spot when it comes to Dave Oshana.

    Granted, I was not present for this event, but since pragmatically it is, at least partly, a retelling of the event for those not present, it’s the best I have to go on. I just don’t see anything about the apparent content of this talk that merits the strength of feeling that JH seems to be expressing here.

    Any chance of a video or audio to expand on these ideas so we could have body cues to help us understand where you’re coming from, Jasun?

    Maybe I’ve missed something altogether or the niggling voice that tells me this could be an ironic post might be correct.

    Anyway, I’m confused, which doesn’t normally happen when listening.

    • Direct, face to face interaction will soon be a requirement for reading this blog, so your wish, AC, is my command!

      > there is a widening gulf between the nature of the expressions of this sort and those found in the written text of Jasun’s books

      sounds right to me; which is why the last book included an exit.

    • You’re looking at words on a screen, and trying to make inferences from them, rather than witnessing another’s life energy as it mixes with your own, and others. There is no subtitute for that, and so you are missing something. You wouldn’t even get it by reading a direct transcript of everything Dave Oshana says during an event, though that can also be very rich at times.

    • Odd juxtapositions, but anyway…

      If you are confused then read the previously mentioned:

      Jasun is always complementing me by being off-phase. As I gain in gravitas, he descends into liteness. As my paywall comes down, his playwall erects.

      JIS the Taoist gets it.

      Martin is the original sage advisor. Only experience gets you the mother lode. It has worked for many readers here.

      There will be a free replay this week. Everyone will get the info after subscribing here:

  2. Notes from the inside:

    Dave finally gives me a blurb:
    “reading you has opened my eyes to more possibilities, soon I will mistrust the packaged sandwich 😉 ”

    On Sat’s event Dave introduces me as “not the most brilliant (tho some people say he’s brilliant” (what G-d said about Lucifer)

    Enjoy this stuff while you can, o you voyeurs. The fourth wall is crumbling, the playwall is coming. Winter is here.

  3. Whereas last week I felt a blissful release, last night I had a disturbed sleep with lots of weird dreams. One of them involved me psychically ‘battling’ against you and Dave. Another involved my brother, who seemed to flinch and be afraid when I went to embrace him – I said “don’t worry bro, I was just trying to give you a hug”.

    Maybe the cannabis I took the other day hadn’t fully worn off, hence the battle-dream? Plant-consciousness hijacking the ancestral psyche? I’ll keep myself in a more sober next time, methinks…

  4. We join spokes together in a wheel,
    but it is the center hole
    that makes the wagon move.

    We shape clay into a pot,
    but it is the emptiness inside
    that holds whatever we want.

    We hammer wood for a house,
    but it is the inner space
    that makes it livable.

    We work with being,
    but non-being is what we use.

    -Lao Tzu-

  5. Thank you Auticulture about the writing. I have seen two dreams weekend context. Lots of people and we go up at a high speed. In the first dream on the big ship and in the second dream on the elevator in the tower.

    • Interesting Jari–I had a dream Sat night (attended Fri – Sun Dave events) where I was going in an uphill direction and was offered a tour/90 min hike around this beautiful area (new to me, direction of up). I checked in with my body about whether I needed to bring my crutches with me to walk (I have a back condition that is healing since a significant treatment 4 months ago). The message I got was that NO I didn’t need the crutches because my body was now healed and romped off to enjoy the tour in the dream. It’s the first dream I’ve had putting down the crutches in many years.

      I agree with Jasun about the energy picking up and being exciting but not the content–which just absolutely does not matter. I bring together small groups of people who are willing to show up, be vulnerable and honest, and give and receive care. In the orbit of the life that I live, these groups embody the themes Dave espouses lately and I invite anyone reading to attend Dave events, affinity groups, and otherwise connect in those ways that are meaningful FOR YOU (Dave recent event on finding and dwelling in goodness was about this). Maybe see the #3 THEME of this post (how the GROUP AS A WHOLE and EACH INDIVIDUAL are the same thing). This is my opinion AROUND what we are exploring here…but like I said content doesn’t matter! as the words and thoughts we use are already tainted, connecting authentically matters.

  6. My After Action Report…
    As Saturday’s event ended and segued to the ‘afterparty’ of sorts, as Paul facilitated and folks were called upon to speak, it came to my turn. I began with hope and expectation to offer some sensible contribution to the group discussion. But something grabbed and held me, in a surprisingly firm grip of anger, frustration and exasperation…not towards the group or Dave’s message, but at our collective, ongoing, twisted reality. I had intended to share some uplifting examples of disintermediation, accomplishing small feats in the face of social adversity, but could not extricate my intended rational message from a smothering blanket of anger. I had not realized how it had built up in me over the previous four hours. I felt confused afterward, and perceived my rant as incoherent, completely inarticulate and unhelpful.

    In my mind I rationalized, if now is not the time to become angry with what is being done to us, then when is? How do i love my neighbor when s/he goes along with and/or fully supports something that is a literal existential threat to me and mine? A war has been declared, yet most idle along, content to post their mRNA genetic experiment certificate on facebook. How can this not enrage those us left with a desire for spiritual development, fellowship and community?
    (Although there’s quite a bit to be pissed about lately, no one needs ‘angry guy’ shaking his fist at them- been there, done that.)

    It was only afterward, with a bit of processing and an assist via Jasun’s responses to the event and the perceptions he shared, that I realized how the event had gone to a place I hadn’t expected or consciously perceived in real time. Perhaps my angry-ish rants were not as far afield as I thought. Looking back and trying to remember the specific words or concepts Dave used, I realize that in sum, it was not the words, not the verbal language, and that something much more subtle had been at work in and with me during those several hours. I rarely sit for four hours for any reason, so clearly something kept me in my seat and engaged.

    As I mulled it over in real life-time… as I drove past people alone in cars wearing masks, and walked the halls at my job past everyone wearing masks, seeing cartoonish propaganda on my company’s intranet home page promoting the ‘safe & effective’ vax (still emergency use authorization only, but they forget that part), I recall the ‘many are called, few will answer’ verse. And I feel embarrassed for my colleagues, who have lost any apparent sense of caution, discernment, curiosity, and most importantly, have lost the ability to articulate righteous indignation. NPCs, or red-dress lady agents, are proliferating at ludicrous speed.

    This thing you and Dave are attempting to articulate & share is very subtle. My ADD-ish tendencies have been difficult to manage lately – perhaps it’s just a mercury retrograde or something. But when I look at the others in the ‘hollywood squares’ of zoom at these events, I wonder what they, the people in the squares, really do, think, and feel afterward? Do they wrestle with the experience? Do they truly ‘get’ it or are they only submitting to what they think they should feel. If this is important enough to devote so much time, then how, and why, would one turn it off? Is this only my snark from my insecurities, or valid questions? Who am I to ask if I can’t even articulate what I even want from this, or from any alternate reality that might replace the current version? Yet I believe that now we all must declare, and pick a side.

    I find few places that I can share exactly what I think and feel, and in turn hear from others who are always in the same ballpark as me, and often in the same dugout. Dave’s events, as well as the various Horsley spaces, provide such oases.

    Saturday’s events, as well as recent events focusing on ancestors, have clearly resonated with me. The idea that ancestors have subtle and frequent interactions with us in our quietest mind spaces is not controversial to me. (I grew up on sci-fi, so blanket immunity). What I struggle with, due to my habits and patterns, is what do I do to best fulfill my true obligation, duty or calling that may exist. Or may not. I’m sensitive to the ancestor thing, I’ve called upon them in times of need or duress, and thanked them for small miracles more often than one should. But I know that I have a feeling that time is short, and I’m frustrated that despite knowing, intellectually, about what would be occurring in the world, I was unable to do much about it, beyond stocking, storing, and trying to get the children up to speed as fast & as comprehensively as they could take it.

    Because it really bothers me, all day, every moment after I leave my 1/4 acre kingdom and face the world- what must I do and/or say to stop this, slow it, derail, sabotage…what can this person I’m interacting with bear to hear? Do I take a chance and lob a truth-bomb? Do I share a vignette, or a book reference? Do I recommend Jasun and Dave? I’m so exhausted living in my head so much lately. When did this movie of life change from color to black & white? Even though I’ve known this was coming since at least 06 and even though I’m better prepared than many, in various ways, to weather a short term storm, what then? What is my obligation to prevent what I know in my bones is bound to come, unless it meets a resistance? What resistance can I offer, outmanned, outgunned, with poor intel and 5th columnists around every corner? Has the battle always been this way, so one-sided, or is that just another trope downloaded into my head by the culture creators?

    I used to always crack wise with friends, family, at the job at time if the group was right – every line in any conversation was going for the joke. I love stand-up comedy, …and it’s nearly all gone, and I’m sad because I miss that part of life, that kernel of spontaneous joy and shared energy. To me, a clear marker on the road to ruin, as the best stand-up is usually the best philosophy you’ll hear that week as well.

    I’m stuck with one foot solidly cast in a river of cement, my career, which pays just enough to keep me from leaving in some dramatic Howard Beale speech stolen from ‘Network’. I know this whole thing is gonna blow, and I need a better plan B, but what? The exits are blocked, and they have their goons on standby. So I watch this space, and I participate as best I can with the time I have, and try to tie these threads together, because I’ve been brought here by a confluence of streams, and I know I’m supposed to figure this out.

    While sharing my writing of this reply with my wife at dinner, I became aware of strong feelings, and agitation, as I tried to express to her what I was trying to communicate, and why it was important for me to do so…and as that was said, I had to express my frustration with not having an answer, not knowing what to do in general, day to day, other than react to the next negative data point…Clearly this challenge, to do better than what has been done before, is important to and for me, so I thank this group, and Jasun & Dave specifically, for reaching out with their pins and poking me to attention to this most important of issues, the perpetuation of our life force.

    • Thanks Jeff MacQ. Neither incoherent not inchoate. You express because you can and you must what others are thinking and feeling. Those who see clearly are being pushed harder to dumb down, roll over and go to sleep. But those who are alive are compelled by nature to push back. The current online meetings are a force of nature. Those who turn up willingly enter into the eye of the storm and find their stillness.

    • hi Jeff

      thanks for the comprehensive, naked, honest, and vulnerable share. 2 things jumped out at me:

      > had intended to share some uplifting examples of disintermediation, accomplishing small feats in the face of social adversity, but could not extricate my intended rational message from a smothering blanket of anger.

      that message did come across, because I might have responded to it had my chance to speak come sooner – it’s a truly essential element in living (end times or not), a life-saver, to have an experience of our competence, fundamental even to tapping into the invisible support system of existence: Nature, like God, helps those who learnt to help themselves (since we are not separate from either God or Nature)

      >I was unable to do much about it, beyond stocking, storing, and trying to get the children up to speed as fast & as comprehensively as they could take it.

      You make that sound like a small thing! Honest appraisal of the situation also includes given yourself credit where due.


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