The Liminalist # 290: Cryptomatriarchy

Kate Ledogar talks to Michelle Horsley about the pros and cons of a religious upbringing, being triggered by Jesus, Norman Bates & the Cryptomatriarchy.

Part One: Christian Vs. Progressive Parenting

Alternate upbringings, child of divorce, Catholic morality, a critical view, the lesson of self-sacrifice, liberal-traditional, the theory of open child-rearing, the actual results, passion aggression, repressing the natural tendencies of human imperfection, the ten commandments as a bulwark against mimetic violence, advantages of an atheistic upbringing, divinity & the Bible, a simple Christian family, transmission from God, a free pass for progressives, too many rules vs. no rules, a Catholic divide, a paid annulment, between two opposing viewpoints.

Part Two: A Transcendent Embodiment of Christianity

The drive to protect victims, cryptoChristian foundation of progressivism, days of activism, vampire bat ethics, genetic inhabitants, a history of slavery, alien genetics vs. neoteny, male and female neoteny, looking for a real man, demon faces, arrested adolescence, Hard Day’s Night, Beatles as models of kidults, losing the line between adult and child, loss of coming of age rituals, the loss of autonomy, from false identity to negative identity, Dave Oshana & the transcendent embodiment of Christianity, Magdalene counter-narrative, the original metrosexual, the non-threatening male, triggered by Christ, a nervous defense system.

Part Three: The Law of the Soul

Triggered by Christian narratives, a confrontation with our Nature, the law of matter and the law of the soul, process over rule book, maps of religion, culturally packaged values, ultimate consumers, Chomsky’s boundaries, revelation of the method, bound by screens, actively discouraged from discovery, the Cryptomatriarchy, the 16th map of Hell, the center of Hell, Ed Gein’s hobby, people who do terrible things, an inverted Zen mirror, a spectrum of irresponsibility, Jimmy Savile & a power abuse system, don’t harm the mechanical, the clean conscience of psychopaths, the Picton farm, reality beyond belief, revulsion & denial, the myth of the serial killer, psychopaths like us.

Part Four: The Ten Billion Commandments

Different upbringings, active and passive sadism in the family dynamic, repetition compulsion, back to Norman, ancestral possession, mirror neurons and enculturation, absent fathers, female totalitarianism, the imposition of safety, the Kali Yuga, the end of man-woman, the language virus, the slippery slope of progressivism, enforced niceness, anti-communication & tone policing, the ten billion commandments, the opulence of the elite, Southampton social dance, hypnotized into transhumanism, the man behind the curtain, the illusion of humanity, the rule of the false identity, the sentimental burglar.

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper;  “The Ascent” by Federale; “Unknowingly” by Kim Jung Mi “Now”; “City of Vampires” by Terry Allen; “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 290: Cryptomatriarchy”

  1. Interesting chat. Spanish authorities are pretty stringent when it comes to enforcing Covid regs, aren’t they? I’m heading for the wild east………

  2. Interesting talk. Thank you.
    As a child I was raised in a home that was full of extreme abuse interspersed with religious activity/practices. Needless to say I grew up despising the church as an institution. And yet, I did not ever despise God. I’d call that miraculous.

    The Ten Commandments: I understand that the Catholic church teaches that one must obey them or be forgiven for breaking them in order to get to heaven. That’s religion.

    In reality, the commandments were given to demonstrate to everyone that we are unable to keep them.

    Jesus said, “If you lust after a woman you have committed adultery with her in your heart.” Just thinking about it makes one guilty.

    Galley slaves. Friends in Thailand revealed the other day that their huge multi level fishing boats harbor slaves that don’t see land for for a year or more at a time. Violence and rapes are common, they say.

    So what are we to do when Jesus says “Be ye holy as I am holy.”
    You no doubt heard that there is a solution to this predicament. And, that there is a cost to accepting the gift.

    Wow, that bat info is something I’ve not heard before. Thank you.

    Ed Gein: an ultra creative man, attempting to work out the effects of his trauma through murder and sewing skills which he likely learned from his mother. Despicable outlier, unresolved and unreal efforts to heal.

    My trauma, somewhat resolved very differently. No physical murder involved but psychological murder for sure. “Men are powerful. Women are weak. Dissociate, dissociate, don’t allow myself to be tied down.” People are dangerous. Was the local Nazi more diabolical than the police chief who picked up my friend’s body parts and disposed of her like pieces of garbage?

    The end of the world is near, NOT. Feels like it though. In fact, we’re on the cusp of a cosmic regime change; the age of Grace is drawing to a close. The energy overwhelms me at times.
    Thanks again. Really enjoyed this. Be well.

    • Enjoyed the point by point insight-responses; notably absent is any ref to the titular theme of the conversation… Original take on the 10 commandments (tho a close reading of the Bible indicates there were never exactly ten but quite a few more, exact number indeterminate)… wondering what the objective would be of prescribing set behavior in order to show that we wouldn’t be able to follow it? Imposing external rules and standards of good & evil would seem to be the basis of socialization as well as sin; maybe they are sin-onymous?

      what comes after the age of grace?

      • We live in a legal universe, with physical and spiritual laws. He showed us that we cannot obey all of the rules (laws) all of the time be they 10 or with the additional 613 laws prescribed in the Talmud. Why not? Because we have a sin nature. We are born with it. But to restore the relationship with God we need a remedy outside of ourselves.
        The Word (Bible) says the wages of sin is death, death meaning eternal separation from God, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.
        Jesus came to fulfill the law by paying the sin debt we are all born with.
        He took our place and died for our sins so that if we accept his gift we are forgiven and will never be separated from him. We’ll live for eternity with him.

        In conclusion, I saw several themes in the conversation but chose not to comment on things of which I know very little, either by personal experience or by studious observations. I’m sorry. I feel very much ‘less than’ and know when I am in over my head. Still I very much enjoy listening to your conversations. I’m very appreciative.

        God does not want us to suffer or be hurt by people who break the law which is another reason for us to at east try to obey them.
        Most of us don’t want to hurt others but we do sometimes. Still, as indicated above, there are others who are perverse in their minds, who break the law and need to be locked up.
        What comes after the age of Grace is the Great Tribulation, also known as the Time of ‘Jacob’s trouble’ whose name is Israel. God has a covenant with them still which he will fulfill over a period of seven years. During this time two thirds of the Jews will be slaughtered, another Holocaust, and one third will be kept safe till he returns at the end of the seven years.
        To understand more fully what will take place I’d recommend that you read the book of Revelation, beginning at Chapter 6 to the end. we are in chapter 5 now but not for long.
        This period will be so horrific that it says if God had not cut it short, for the sake of the elect there would be no man left alive upon the Earth
        I’ve studied prophecy for 50 years and know there’s a great deception coming. You won’t fall for it because you’ve been warned, and a massive war over Israel, Ezekiel 38. Russia along with Iran and a few others are powering up for it now. Iran is merely weeks away from having nuclear warheads. It’s imminent. Watch.
        I’ll understand if you want to delete this. Most people are initially triggered by the gospel message. But some believe and are saved. It’s the only way out of what’s coming.


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