The Liminalist # 159: Pavlov’s Gods (with the Greek)

Talking to The Greek, on what the gods want, magnetics, referring to scripture, the Christian era, the ancestors, looking back, misappropriation of language, ultimate trust, smoking tobacco, indirection, unrecognizable education, efficiency, being a moron magnet, cult creation, NLP, dialoguing with the other, trauma & training, Pavlov’s gods, medium& message, the Freeman show, why the Greek is on the internet, when two sentiences meet, human interconnectivity, and more!

Part 3:


Part 4: Calling in on “Greekspeak”


Songs: “I’m Going Insane,” “Clap Hands” by Lee Maddeford; “Foggy Minded Breakdown” by The Blacks; “This Shroud” by Rose Windows. Part 3: “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” and Hangman’s Song” by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts : “Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules” by Rose Windows.

29 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 159: Pavlov’s Gods (with the Greek)”

  1. I listened to all four. It got pretty damn monotonous. Halfway through part 4 , when you switched to the transgender issue, it suddenly turned into a genuine conversation. (rather than a performance?) I don’t know if that was a tactic on your part, but it worked; I could listen to more of that.

      • Nah. My interpretation is that it took you four and half hours to figure him out/ wear him down. And when you did, it went brilliantly. For what it’s worth, it’s been my experience [roughly speaking 😉 ] nothing worthwhile comes easily.

  2. I haven’t finished this episode yet. But he seems to me to be a pathological bullshitter. I don’t understand how Jasun finds any value in this.

  3. Half-way into hour 3 and I’m feeling like my hope for something practical to come out of this was misplaced. “That’s fine.”

  4. An avalanche of analogies
    A cuples of interesting notions
    Another round of fire of analogies
    something of a personals interpretation on the gospel
    Disjointed statements, no context, no argument

  5. Jayson, your dedication to the margin is unrivaled and here, you demonstrate the patience of an uncircumcised saint.

  6. Found this interesting and not sure what my gods decide , if they decide ..are we possessed by Gods as well as entities?
    A metallic ether hovering with an undercurrent of ignition , a high status character (Keith johnstone ) calculated thought . Scientific based career path / history perhaps evolving with God / entities that has an end point , a focal point . Ignition is connected to annihilation and triggering the absolute . I don’t think the moron attitude / archetype will change and can imagine many after party conversations ending in silence. Always welcome for breakfast with background music of a soundscape of the first Dacian Translavanian Citadel before Christ.

      • Thanks for the reply Jason! I hear a lot of similarities but the pitch in your interview is higher as though the speaker is on the defensive. On his old podcast, More of an informative tone. Anyhow. Legit interview by yourself. Well done and love your show, though I’m new to it. Looking forward to more eps.

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