The Liminalist 161.5: A Woman Among Trans (with Posie Parker)

Second of two-part conversation with Posie Parker on open organized child abuse, collective gaslighting, body dysphoria, children’s transition assembly, Educate & Celebrate, the point of doublethink, trans-criminality, desistance, the murder of debate, no platforming, leaving the left, sympathy for the right, left-right cycles & the pendulum effect, the history of an ideology, the Fabian Society, Havelock Ellis & sex research, incremental change, the Weimar Republic syndrome, the death of psychology, changing views on homosexuality, identity politics succession drama, the eradication of boundaries, the gateway to transhumanism, Martine Rothblatt, the privatization of morality, people as islands, the problem of ease, runaway narcissist culture, perfecting an image, Gender Quake, a woman among trans, the ineffable ego, the desire not to be human, the “beman,” Jordan Peterson, short-term happiness, avoiding suffering, totalitarian liberalism, compelled speech, cognitive dissonance, trans snake oil, Theodore Dalrymple on unhappiness vs depression, social infantilization, no transitions to peerage, one rule for the lower class, protecting the money, Alison Moyet, J.K Rowling and the perils of tweeting, intuitive risk aversion.

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The Age of Advanced Incoherence: Identity Politics, Identity Crisis (Intro)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford;  “Morning Birds” by Kristin Hersh.

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist 161.5: A Woman Among Trans (with Posie Parker)

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the condemnation of these aberrant behaviors that arise at the pinnacle of decadent and individual/material-centric culture, but I wonder if there is anyone listening to the Liminalist at this point who doesn’t. This felt like old territory at this point and was not as interesting as it could have been; there were points where it seemed like it could take off but Mrs. Parker doesn’t seem to have the background necessary to go there with Jasun. Kudos to her for standing her ground as she does.

  2. It seems as though the heart of the problem is a disease of the power of distinguishing. We are so enraged at the dangers of over-distinguishing–racism, sexism, extreme wealth inequality etc.–that we now declare even the most simple forms of distinguishing, such as noting that a man in a dress is not the same as a natal female, or for that matter almost any form of moral/behavioral disagreement, as extremely dangerous, aggressive and even legally punishable.
    “Live and let live… or else”, I think one of you said.
    I tend to think here of JBP’s (perhaps over-facile but handy) view of the masculine as representing ordering, and the feminine as chaos. Distinguishing in turn seems to me to fall under ordering. Might then the vilification of distinguishing, as well as the spate of males wishing to cast off their maleness to be “women”, signify an illness of masculinity itself? (On the other hand the number of girls seeking to become males has recently overtaken their M-to-F counterparts, so the issue must run deeper.)
    Wondering if you plan doing more of your series on JBP–it’s been an interesting ride.

  3. She’s apparently had both her facebook and twitter accounts suspended. If possible, could you get her to comment on this?

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