The Liminalist # 161: A Perfect Storm (with Posie Parker)

Part one of a two-part conversation with Posie Parker, on coming from a leftist background, the return of the Tories & the end of days, trans-menstruation, autogynephiliac males, a peak-trans moment, gender-neutral parenting, Mermaids & Susie Green, Twitter hands over private information to police, the hate crime police, transwomen policemen, what constitutes hate speech, anti-TERF tweets, the cotton ceiling, changing laws in Britain, Malta, & Ireland, trans-sex offenders in women’s prisons, Huntley the Soham murderer goes trans, Gender recognition Act, Maria MacLachlan, stiffed by the system, P.I.E, the trans-infiltration of women’s orgs, enforced participation in fetish, children’s “rights,” Pink News, men’s sexual rights movement, the DMS-5, gender identity disorder becomes gender dysphoria, pathologizing society, a piece of the PIE. Children playing mothers, maternal enmeshment, Munchausen by proxy, a perfect storm, trans-porn and the snowflake generation, breast-binding, children of the damned, the driving force behind transitioning children, the medical industry and trans, the Tavistock on puberty blockers, an imposed ideology.

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The Age of Advanced Incoherence: Identity Politics, Identity Crisis (Intro)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “The Old Crow” by Rose Windows; “Crooked” by Kristin Hersh.

15 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 161: A Perfect Storm (with Posie Parker)”

  1. Thanks for the interview, Jasun. Perhaps M (fill in the appropriate following letter(s)….) Parker should side with traditional men and women. Traditional in the sense of strong people who want to nurture, care and educate their offspring so they’ll grow up and repeat that process.

    Isn’t that the biological object of this thing we call ‘life’? The animal kingdom does it (many times traumatically, granted). Why, with self-awareness, opposable thumbs and some developed gray matter, can’t humans do this primary function without all of these maddening, self-evidently destructive “identity” games.

    Be a fucking man and woman. Get together, love and cherish your offspring. This ain’t rocket science.

  2. One further, unsolicited note. As a long time Anglophile – well knowing how perfidious Albion has been over the centuries – Britain has turned into quite the shit hole.

  3. Irish Transwomen cant transfer to Womens Prisons .Sex segregated protections still stand in spite of the 2014 GRA .Something that has yet to be tested . Itll be unsurprising if this will be overturned in time.
    Good interview Posie.

  4. Coincidence or…?

    Back in the early ‘00s, I belonged to a women’s recovery group affiliated with NA (Narcotics Anonymous). At some point, “Doris” (a very large, poorly-made-up man wearing a bad wig) showed up, stating that “she” was “eager to talk about women’s issues”. I didn’t know what that meant, exactly; I, for one, attended the women-only group for platonic support and friendship; after all, what we discussed during sharing time wasn’t different than what men shared at the time. Not so for Doris: her idea of “girl talk” was endlessly discussing menstruation and menopause.

    I guess that’s a “thing”, then? Trans and periods? Weird. Hell, it’s ALL weird to me.

  5. From a working class perspective–and by work, I mean the few of us left that get dirty and keep the lights on–this is nothing new, Too many people sitting in cubicles with nothing to do but make rules/plans/theories. As the company/job/project gets too complicated or decays, the number of cubicle plankton increase and they are proportionately delusional. This woman covers it quite well. (

    Another good conversation, Jasun.

  6. For me, it’s ‘simply’ Satanic Inversion being mass-promulgated. Satanists have the upper hand in our realm, and detest women as they’ve been gifted with the ability to bring forth life. (That’s not widely known out there in conspiracy land – which tells you what Satanism is in the Hollywood sense). But of course, those of us who believe in demonic interference (as in, disembodied, permanently condemned entities who loathe us and do everything they can to destroy us) are written off as loony; and or bible thumping idiots. If only it were that simple, eh?

      • What part? Let me know and I’ll do my best to break it down into easier pieces for you. Satanic Inversion is admittedly hard to grasp from an Everyday Joe’s perspective.

        • Hi Jim, could you kindly explain what you mean by “Satanic inversion”?

          And how is the Satanist hatred of women related to the transgender movement? Are you hypothesizing that their plan is to kill off all biological women and replace them with transgender women who don’t have the ability to give birth?

          Thank you.

  7. There was a strange moment, right after she said that she felt these men (or most of them) are lying about truly believing they really are women, she mentioned a man who just really wanted breasts — he didn’t claim to be a woman or know what a woman feels like, he just very badly wanted to have breasts. I expected her to say ‘so here is someone being honest about their fetish’, instead she just said it was disgusting. Maybe a missed opportunity or something, I don’t know…

    ‘The Cotton Ceiling’ — that is a hell of a dysappropriation of the old feminist symbol, and a phobic response from the targets seems reasonable.
    I’m interested in the way that puberty is being presented in a similar way to pregnancy — the right to terminate an unwanted body-process…

  8. My sister is a butch lesbian, and most people assume she’s a man when they meet her. During college, she went through a phase where she thought she was a transgender man because she didn’t realize it was “okay” for her to be a butch woman. She began binding her breasts, using men’s bathrooms, and even though she didn’t want to go through the entire surgical process, she felt like she was “required” to. Eventually she got over it and realized that she was just a butch lesbian, plain and simple.

    So if a college-aged person can go through a transgender “phase” and be confused about their gender role, how can we expect children to be any more confident or knowledgeable in these matters?

    Many indigenous cultures have ideas similar to transgender (often related to shamans), and I think it’s possible that the total percentage of actual transgender people may be increasing for whatever reason, but I do agree that there is a more nefarious aspect that most people are not looking at.

  9. Hey there,

    I am now permanently banned from twitter, I am one of many women who speak out against the trans cult.

    It’s a very strange world we are living in.


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