The Liminalist # 162: The Only Gateway to Knowledge (with Simone Weil)

This week on The Liminalist Jasun does an old-school solo show in the hot hot heat, reading Simone Weil, but first, feeling the pressure of the current (moment), okay, turn down that music, does believing in God make me a Christian ? Belief, humility and the (I), Sensed and not sensed, Me and not me, “The invitation to be touched by grace”, righteous action, this is 40, r.e.g.r.e.t. : find out what it means to me, “letting-go of the desire to act”, true impulses, “doing” the “good” deed, protip : Satan and your imagination are best buds, fighting against prejudice or : how I learned you’re full of it, the level of infinity, “we humiliate ourselves before false gods”, leave no trace – maybe a few books, the present of the present, where were you when they built that ladder to heaven ?, making ourselves clear to ourselves, we’re friends, right ?, evil is limitless but not infinite, Prisoner of (false) Infinity, the inevitable collapse of the crucial fiction, the new good, “evil flies from the light”, who’s doing this good anyway ?, the value of humility for the (good) deed, impossible canundrums : 12 for a dollar, the raw material of suffering, the toxicity of our nine-gated city, who’s doing this suffering anyway ?, Am I Evil ?, The Case of Judgment vs. Karma, the Devil’s in the den, loving God through the evil, “the chosen people keep fucking up”, I’m just talking, thinking and not thinking, the invisible fire of purification, Beyond Dirt flashback, the creature and God, the whole range of good and evil, evil becomes innocence, the Devil on the horizon, gravity and grace, embodying the paradox. (Show notes thanks to Mike B.)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “Cat Songs Pt III, Glass Cat Song” by Fake Cats Project; “Goodbye Oslo Rose,” by Richard Youngs; “On The Streets Of Old Milwaukee” by Cullah.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 162: The Only Gateway to Knowledge (with Simone Weil)”

  1. With little ditties like, “You could not be born at a better period than the present, when we have lost everything”, “humility is attentive patience” and “I can, therefore I am”, reading Weil is like popping multi-colored balloons filled with edible glitter. I get the same feeling from reading Boris Vian.

    This was a nice break from the true madness discussed in the previous shows with Posie. They were really great shows, important topics, but three in a row would have broken me. 😉

  2. Never been a big fan of Weil and her trotskyite propensities. Talk about a dangerous cult leader. Leon was one of the biggest and deadliest.

  3. Really enjoyed this. I too am getting super into reading this kind of theological contemplation.

    A recommendation – I’m reading On Evil by Terry Eagleton, which ranges from literary criticism to theology and is similarly deep with poetic writing that turns on a dime. On Evil. A perennial obsession we both share.


  4. A very subtle a peculiar experience for me…Jasun as a friend and mentor/role model of sorts, having been influential these last two years to my being comfortable in approaching baptism. It’s fitting, in a way, that I feel comforted in my own Christian immersion, with a wavelength that does seem to truly be apart in my reception of the biblical transmission.

    The thought that comes to mind is that I would too easily make an idol of Jasun. Our separateness on baptism seems a trial and a blessing. Separate enough to remain dancing friends, instead of mimetic rivals. Water never snowflakes Air twice the same.

    On another note, I confess having been within a two month long and day-wide pot binge, which enveloped the last two liminalista meets. Twice flouting respectful meetup sobriety with the last bigger group and few weeks before that with Jasun and Martin(I was already a month high on pot, The Greek and Dyer.) That was the start of my (in-group-mentioned) encounter with deep anxiety around eternality and being stuck as ever in crucial fiction Alcatraz. I do ask forgiveness for that.

    I do remain, respectfully, in Christ.

    I do remain..

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