The Liminalist # 162.5: Approaching the Incomprehensible (with Simone Weil)

Part two of read and response to Simone Weil’s Gravity & Grace. Impressions of Weil, an austere perspective, suffering & joy, the absence signals presence, the meaning of suffering, the door to the supernatural, knocking without assumptions, images of the divine, good & evil, minimizing evil, soul-curiosity, the criteria of the real, existence & non-existence, a split in the Self, dictating fiction, shifting levels, absorbing evil, inviting affliction, withdrawal when hurt, the spiritual vs. natural path, 2 kinds of self-negation, God’s weakness, an over-compensatory God, two atheisms, attention & will, spiritual matters, where water goes, the space of love, gateway to eternity, the temporal face of eternity, the use of violence, training the inner animal, cursing God, the limits of intelligence, a curious compassion response, approaching the incomprehensible, threatening connections, the production of saints, the notion of oppression, increased comforts, the final depletion of the will to power, a one-sided divide, Plato’s politics, the victory of barbarians, the error of progress, wishing for the impossible, the pure reality of the past, the illusion of revolution, the handle & point of the sword, socialism & racialism, the swing of society’s pendulum, the spirituality of work, a squirrel in a cage, the chronology of fatigue, the opportunity of exhaustion, the possibility of an authentic response.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford; ” Creatures Of The Night by Waylon Thornton; “Sleepwalking” by ???


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