The Liminalist # 17.5: The Land of the Devils (with Louis Proud)


Part two of a searching dialogue with Louis Proud on the difficulties of being a paranormal researcher/writer; also on astral technology, Joe Fisher and the siren call of hungry ghosts, channeled material & audience-manipulating entities, Strieber’s The Key, using esoterica to make life more interesting, Louis’ school experience & childhood memories, Jasun’s getting armored up for battle in teen years, resurfacing traumas, demonic persecution and pentagram banishing, out of body experiences, ETs & the Dali Lama, a lifelong interest, fitting experiences to written descriptions, the liminal space and the hypnogogic state, thought-forms, materialization experiments in occultism, the articulative imagination, the shattered mirror, when thoughts become images, the difference between sub- and unconscious, how magicians use children for scrying, the reality of the psyche, the myth of psi, brutalizing the psyche, cracking the shell of self-reflection, Louis’ lament about Dark Intrusions, the ego and art, wanting to erase all traces, the curse of being a public spokesman, the drive to soapbox, Louis’ David Icke phase, Icke and Graham Hancock parallels, the healthiness of self-doubt, fiction and non-fiction, using beliefs for social control, busting our own narratives, seeing the cracks in the first matrix, the many wings of the second matrix, the liminal non-position, exploring the unconscious by exploring the conscious, Louis’ obsession with aliens, haunted Tasmania, aboriginal amnesia and genocide, encounters with earthbound spirits, the last Tasmanian tiger.

Louis Proud’s website.

Songs: “Let’s Surf the Planet Jupiter,” by French Radio Constellation (with voice of Whitley Strieber, added); “Old World,” “Rosie,” “Medieval tension 60s,”  by Cory Gray;  “Monkey Said”  by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 17.5: The Land of the Devils (with Louis Proud)”

  1. Like Jung, Freud rejected the term “subconscious.” In Freud’s essay, “The Unconscious,” he writes, “Thus we have grounds for modifying our inference about ourselves and saying that what is proved is not the existence of a second consiousness in us, but the existence of psychical acts which lack consciousness. We shall also be right in rejecting the term ‘subconsciousness’ as incorrect and misleading.”

    To unpack what may be obvious and how I interpret Freud’s remark, ‘subconsiousness’ refers to a second consciousness that is in an “underling” relation to primary, everyday consciousness whereas “unconsiousness” has nothing to do with any kind of consciousness, primary or otherwise.

    • Wait, so is unconscious the misnomer or subconscious? if unconscious has nothing to do with consciousness, what is it? i am confused.

  2. If anyone wants to read an in-depth account of someone being deceived by an entity and then waking up from that deception I recommend Clock Shavings by Tracy Twyman


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