The Liminalist # 209: When the UFO Becomes a Trauma (with David Moore)

Conversation with David Moore on UFOs, evolutionary metaphors, & trauma.

Part One: Chasing the UFO Tale (0 – 32 mins)

Prisoner of Infinity, Kripal’s traumatic secret, shamanic culture, Credo Muttwa, a tendency to disembodiment, a posture of postmodernism, metaphors for embodiment, unhealthy empowerment, confronted by reality, peak experiences eclipsed, body terror, Strieber’s emotionality, Gurdjieff, New Age synthesis, Stan Gooch’s Total Man, a darker element, a UFO experience, a focus on the numinous, faery and UFOs, Colin Wilson, the ET hypothesis, a loop of logic, cultural engineering.

Part Two: Faced with Anomaly (32 mins – 1 hr 3 mins)

The Lucid View daze, losing the ground, blurring the line between reality and unreality, subjective & objective, synchronicity & stigmata, a loss of focus & direction, the quest for convergence, the Andreasson affair, American Cosmic, the psyche abhors a vacuum, faced with the anomaly, filling the void, a spectrum of fantasy and occultism, LARPing in the UFO field, a camouflage of absurdity, behind the masks, John Carpenter’s Starman, a feeling of disconnect, The X-Files, a childhood sighting, the need for closure, transhumanist films, The Terminator’s skeleton, multiple genders, migrating from the body, Neuromancer & the ecstasy of disembodiment, freedom & the real, the ground of the body, the starting reference point, converging on trauma, what cannot be processed, when trauma becomes the UFO.

Part Three: Living in a Lunar World (1 hr 3 mins – 1 hr 25 mins)

An event outside control, struggling for closure, intimations of evolution, a transubstantiation of consciousness, John Mack, watching Strieber develop, searching for a model, a religious skeleton, the difference between transcendence and dissociation, psychedelics, pointed back to the past, heightened sensitivity through drugs, living in a lunar world, developing the will, higher & lower consciousness polarity.

Part Four: The House of the Unconscious (1 hr 25 mins – 1 hr 51 mins)

The problem of evil, Strieber’s Catholic take on demons & angels, unpleasant anomalies, transgression and heightened consciousness, George Bataille, Ian Brady’s black light, an existential break, methodology of child abuse, remote control operatives, audience cults and cultural myths, what the will is, the house of the unconscious, disembodied philosophies, head-centered wills, social media identities, impulsivity on the internet, crumbling bridges of empathy, thinking and body language.

Part Five: Storming Area 51 (1 hr 51 mins – end)

Music and embodiment, different body lingos, knowing in the body, a gravitational pull towards virtuality, a turmoil and pedanticism, synchronicity & the internet, a computer-based mystical world, American Cosmic, the absence of demons, validating an unconscious belief, a lack of integrity, an absence of doubt, Strieber’s true belief, storming Area 51.  

David’s site.

Songs: “Knob Wobbler,” by Gib Strange; “MEI (Mock Extraterrestrial Invasion)” by
Extrapedestrian; “Mars Trouble” by The Gandua Sound Project; “Ghost of Elvis,” by Origami Conspiracy; “These Words” by Hazelwood Motel.

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  1. I enjoyed the discussion. I noticed that David Moore struggled to say ‘Prisoner of Infinity’. I wonder if he also a prisoner of infinity.


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