The Liminalist # 235: An Echo of Inconceivability (with Martin Jolly)

Return conversation with Martin Jolly on viruses, end-times, Oshana, angry sperm, becoming what we are and unshackling the life force from human interference.

Part One: Reorganization of the Global Mind (0 – 33 mins)

Self-quarantined in Finland, a culture in transition, 12 Monkeys, Extinction Rebellion’s dream, identifying the problem, businesses in jeopardy, being suspended, feeling apocalyptic, a reorganization of the global mind, turning humans into currency, biometric solutions, shoehorning humans into machines, the China solution, human self-destruction, Dave Oshana’s viewpoint, the specter of nuclear destruction, living in the end-times, the dehumanizing effects of technology.

Part Two: Softening the Boundaries (33 mins – 1 hr)

Family disconnection, the evolution of a belief in apocalypticism, society as oppressor, the world ends in a whimper, studies in consciousness, the transhumanist goal, the denial of the unconsciousness, technological dependence, Watchmen’s eschaton, a flood of interdimensional, softening the boundaries, Oshana’s language, reducing time-fixation, history as concept, infecting our thinking, shuffling concepts, the revelation of God. 

Part Three: An Experimental Life (1 hr – 1 hr 36 mins)

Describing the island retreat, a feeling of suction & constant disruption, in free fall, merging outwards, the Dave-point, the special thing, the space between meaning, converging to a point, being in not knowing, a feeling of what-now, the choice to wait, the pitfalls of narrative, the confines of being human, adventures with Jasun’s cat, a quarantined libido, the life force’s agenda, a continuity of awareness, the body as aperture, the preceding light, the liberation of human awareness, shit-work, ancestral build-up. 

Part Four: A Remarkable Non-Event (1 hr 36 mins – 1 hr 59 mins)

A nightmare of sorting the seeds, an endless cycle of rage, angry sperm, a constellation, an ancestral line of male anger, red herrings, a nonlinear intention of community, clearing out the implants of identity, the perils of perpetual catharsis, following the thread back to the original trauma, life force and identity, the relaxation key, clearing out toxins, a remarkable non-event, the threshold of suffering, letting go of the past & returning to what we are.

Part Five: The Dave Vacuum (1 hr 59 mins – end)

The accusations of cult behavior, the defenses of materialists, cult classification for intervention, John de Ruiter cult, the Dave vacuum, back to the retreat, an experience of not being in possession, the opposite of mind control, the lack of being reminded to control the life force, the expression of something inexplicable, an echo of inconceivability, a liminal space, the opposite of a problem.

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Stranger” by I Am Oak; “My Blood Will Talk to You Out of the Ground” & “The Years Tire On” by Micah P. Hinson; “Le Petit Martien” by  Bigott; “Changes” by Short Hand

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 235: An Echo of Inconceivability (with Martin Jolly)”

  1. great convo. couldn’t help but laugh with you guys. martins got one of those contagious laughs, reminds of my cousin.

    what’s the deal with the mind. what’s do you think its proper function and use is. you touched on it a bit but it didn’t really stick for me. where I am at with it is that its a tool that’s gone way passed its boundaries. I think its geared for survival and interpretation but its not meant to know or define things but describes them. but then here’s the mind trying to figure out the mind. maybe its the body’s job. yup I’m confused


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