Dave Oshana Auticulture Archive

Podcasts with Dave

The Liminalist 000: Eternal Peaches (with Dave Oshana & Martin Jolly)

The Liminalist # 167: Journeys into the Body (with Dave Oshana)


The Liminalist # 167.5: The Illusion of Independence (or: Murmuration, with Dave Oshana)


The Liminalist # 168: Where the Wild Oranges Grow (with Dave Oshana)


The Liminalist # 168.5: The Heat of the Enlightenment Transmission (with Dave Oshana)


The Liminalist # 195: Crossing the Threshold (with Dave Oshana)


The Liminalist # 196: Naturally Liminal (with Dave Oshana)


Articles About/With Dave

The Disillusionist: New Spirituality—Stranger Than Science-Fiction

What is Embodiment? 100 Things I Learned, Confirmed & Burned Away with An Enlightenment Teacher


Testifying to Love: How Dave Oshana & the Enlightenment Transmission Allowed for an Experience of My Soul


Ticket to Infinity: Dave Oshana, Formlessness, & the Transformational Life


How to Lose Your Cool in Public (& Find Out You Never Needed It!)


Here Comes the Sun! (Waking from the Nightmare of Personal History)


When Lightning Strikes: From Paranoia to Awareness—and Beyond!


Mind the Trap: The Way Through & Out of Paranoid Awareness


The Language of the Soul


Me, Dave Oshana, & Apocalypse Imminent & Immanent (Podcast) + Selling Maps in Hell (YouTube video)


Calling All Nervous Systems to Inter-Planetary Tuning: Dave Oshana on How to Finally Get Some Satisfaction

Doorstep to Infinity: Evicting the False Identity via The Resonance Field Effect with Dave Oshana


Walking in Invisible Lands: Dave Oshana Does the Dead Zone


Horsley/Oshana 3.0: The Perks & Perils of Merging with Humanity

Oshana’s Ark, or, When Humanity’s Fascia Relaxes: Containing the Crowned Virus (Latest JaHo-DaOs Update)


Unseen Life Rhythms: Corona Viral Update & Another Look at Pure Life Force in Action


Parallel Lives During Wartime: The God Game Vision from 2002 to 2020, Who Knew?!


Death Valley 69: Everything You Thought You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Too Traumatized to Ask


The Dark End of the Rainbow: Horsley Comes Clean as Oshana Gets Down & Dirty


When the Walls Come Down: Going Beyond Sorcery Sense-Making Into an Unseen Tapestry of Existence


When the Walls Come Down 2: Fortress of Knowledge


Leaving Hell: A New Perspective on Trauma, Language, & Mind Control, & Restoring the Love Body of Humanity


Three Steps to Heaven: Life Force, Purpose, and a Connected Humanity (essay + podcast)


The Babel Effect: States of Distraction, Waves of Destruction, Avenues of Escape


Do Organs Dream of Collective Sleep? (Or: The Man Who Dreamed He Was an Island)


Corners of Unreality: A Journey of Increasing Disbelief


A Game of Masks: The Undertaker of Illusions, Satan’s Advocate, & Hell Maps Inner & Outer


Real Zero & Counterfeit Zero: Irritation, Inner Noise, Original Wound


Original Wound/Ultimate Taboo, Writer’s Block/Quixotic Cock: A Married Incel on the Ups & Downs of Insatiably De-Generate Genitalia


A Taste of Freedom: On the Other Side of Original Wound


Light of the Charge Brigade: Surfing the Zombie Apocalypse in 2020


Raskolnikov’s Dream/Last Exit to Hell


The Kiss of Life: Enlightenment = When the Soul Meets the Body


Where Reality Is: Dave Oshana on How Body Awareness + Conscious Life Force = Enlightenment

The Interloper of Enlightenment: Why We Need to Hallucinate a Boat

Ancient Parasites & the Guardians of the Unconscious (Dave Oshana guest post)

Ancestral Abduction: How to Survive It (+ Let’s Talk About the War podcast)

On the Wings of a Bee: Ecce Homo Naturalis

News from the Front Line in the End Times: Dave O’s Save the Heffalump Campaign

Becoming Channels for Goodness

The Paystreak is Always Invisible (So Find & Follow the Bedrock)

The Difference Between Heaven & Hell = Good Boundaries (Galician End Times Update)


Podcasts About Dave

The Liminalist # 122: The Ninth Domain (with Heidi Crockett)


The Liminalist # 164: An Encounter with the Self (with Martin Jolly)


The Liminalist # 192: The Seen Vs. the Not-Seen (with Martin Jolly)


The Liminalist # 192.5: The Human Side of Enlightenment (with Martin Jolly)


The Liminalist 206: Loving Our True Nature (with Martin Jolly)


The Liminalist # 207: Better than God (with Mark Lawn)


The Liminalist # 208: A Generational Bridge (with Emerald Gould)

8 thoughts on “Dave Oshana Auticulture Archive”

  1. If you plan to attend this event & would like to participate/be seen by me and Dave, send me an email for the required pass-key….

  2. thanks for letting me in folks. I felt a little anxious being on camera but enjoyed the feel of the group. I felt guilty as I got on a couple minutes late and wasn’t really mentally prepared like I’d wanted to be. Dave seems like a lovely guy, I wasn’t sure why people were so harsh on him at the end. I wasn’t really aware of the rest of the conference, so I wasn’t expecting anything other than a “hang out”.

    I’m feeling a bit out of sorts what with bad energy, bad habits, annoying issues with family and friends, long term low esteem etc. So it was nice to hear a wise person talk in a group like that. I’m not really sure if I want to be enlightened. I used to, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of guru authors in the past like Eckhart Tolle, Dan Millman, Jon Kabat Zin etc. Now I just want better energy and some kind of functional confidence and self esteem so I can get through life ok. I’ve had some tough times.

  3. Signed up and missed it due to child rearing responsibilities but woke up this morning more easily resting in my legs and my mind craving less information. Does it have anything to do with him or the event? Can I plagiarize mu? I like the ritual of attributing such things to Dave’s free events and paradoxically embodied Internet sounds.

    Thanks DJ!

  4. Maybe you already heard Jasun, but you got a mention on the tin foil hat YouTube/podcast show the other day, By their guest Alex tsakiris. I bet they would be interested in having you on. It would be a funny audience for your style…. literally. It’s a bunch of old school professional comedians, seemingly with good hearts, into occult and conspiracy stuff. Crowley has been coming up alot and Other topics you tend to know about.


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