The Liminalist # 282: Bodies of Organic Knowledge (with Benett Freeman)

Return conversation with Benett Freeman on trauma-amnesia, parental betrayals, power & abuse, meeting Tony Blair (?), & finding God in spaghetti (western-style).

Part One: An Outline of One (0 – 32 mins)

The world as mirror, Plato’s cave, a seismic event, opening to trauma awareness, making escape plans, a clear statement of denial, Hampstead abuse case, Ann Diamond, a change in perception, the limits of reason, a spiritual awakening, an innocuous question, an unpalatable memory, childhood abuse recall, repressed memory, Woodcraft Folk, parental reaction, being left at grandparents’ house, an outline of one, the problem of talking about family secrets.

Part Two: Heartbreak (32 mins – 1 hr 1 mins)

Reading Vice of Kings, amassing evidence for abuse, detective work, allies in the family, an unfinished work, the original wound, an unturnable stone, backing away from affect, hostility towards mother, betrayal trauma, Prisoner of Infinity, the spiritual context for trauma, why mind won’t help, premature solutions, the problems of the world, carrying heartbreak, ambivalence to one’s mother, an extension of our ancestors, a question of belief, re-learning empathy, belief & not-belief vs. dissociation & avoidance.

Part Three: Hamlet’s Folly (1 hr 1 mins – 1 hr 32 mins)

A concerning revelation, mapping a global octopus, levels of complicity, staying connected to the human energy field, following the echo, listening to the body, meeting Tony Blair, courage vs compulsion, traumatic imprinting, being programmed to serve hidden agendas, inner controls, the fear of reprisals, measuring tolerable ripples, the substance of lived experience, Hamlet’s folly, weaponized truth, many names, one psyche, self-invention of trauma victims, replicating cultural propaganda, fight & flight, Twittter warrior, working on a mystery, love’s body of organic knowledge, sharing with a community, 16 Maps of Hell campaign, seeking goodness in culture, remnants of a pathology.

Part Four: When God Lands (1 hr 32 mins – end)

A Fistful of Dollars, what the body can absorb, a time loop, moral lessons, The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly, Tuco’s quest, positive affect, a carrier of transmission, the philosopher’s stone in the dirt, where art comes from, a spy hole in a locked door, alcohol & movies, body sensitivity to cultural manipulation, movies for mood alteration, dangerous ground, tricked by one’s own responses, primed for manipulation, stripping down, a trophy from the trenches, the elixir of a toxic culture, bittersweet memories of hell, the play of creation, individuality & the infinite, the first duty of care, archetypal patterns in Good, Bad & Ugly, the Trinity, the absolute experiencing subjectivity, Christ, the Sun & the Human Energy Field, when God lands, paradox, cells in the body of earth, quiet catharsis, a rocky ride

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Previous talk with Benett:

The Liminalist # 32: Axioms of Perception (with Benett Freeman)

Songs: “Primitive” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper;  “Begin Again 1” by Widows Ride; “Oui” by Terry Allen.

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