The Liminalist # 283: The Limits of Knowledge (with Jan Weck)

Conversation with Jan Weck on navigating a brainwashed society, the worship of Science, and the lost inner sense of the body.

Part One: The Pull of the Herd (0 – 30 mins)

Feeling alone, estranged from friends, unmentionable topic, what’s political, giving up basic freedoms, science on our side, the desire to feel good about oneself, fear as driving factor, the need for social identity, community creatures, fear of ostracization, shared perceptions & identity, belief vs. action, the pull of the herd, Germany history of propaganda & education system, the failure of critical thinking, advanced education as brainwashing, being taught to memorize data, trusting the system, untested vaccines, temporary ban on Astrazeneca, going back in time.

Part Two: Lost Inner Sense (30 mins – 1 hr 10 mins)

Back to the Garden, when the rot began, the choice not to have a choice, the end of sentience, the choice that counts, God or Mammon, embracing insanity & relinquishing identity, a closing door, an energetic simulation, an infinite field of eternal happening, destined to fail, Lloyd de Mause, incremental changes in parenting, back to Sodom & Gomorrah, the Book of Revelation, the human harvest, the new God of Science, West & East, Jung on the East, the lost inner sense, 98% of science is faith-based, mind-based perception, suspicion of inner focus, Dave Oshana on breathing, essential elements of living, school training, gathering facts in the war on human sentience, the limits of knowledge

Part Three: Obey the Law of Matter (1 hr 10 mins – 1 hr 43 mins)

The God of Monoculture, the benefits of modern medicine, changing facts and changing opinions, the covid-divide, joining loved ones in bad decisions, blaming the non-vaxed, a supermarket stand-off, where to draw the line, resistance and keeping the head down in a totalitarian crackdown, Guardia Civil in Spain, obeying the law of matter, compliance becoming complicity, gestures of submission, cowing the cowans, aligning with a counter-current, risking confrontation to find allies, invasion of the body snatchers, demonstrations in Germany, the problems of resistance, a statement of dissidence, the 11th hour, a new kind of war, all against all.

Part Four: Squirrels in the Backyard (1 hr 43 mins – end)

Calmness is the key, squirrels in the backyard, aesthetics & righteousness, beauty & truth, when the zombies come for your brains, the Jesus solution, less than animals, fake promises of optimization, unthinkable death, terror management, puppets of cultural enslavement, Livingstone’s near-death experience, accepting death at bodily level, zero risk = death, seeking death over freedom, avoiding decisions, someone to blame for misery, the unwinnable war against everyone, the symptoms written large, locating the implant, a kind of optimism, trauma in the body, returning to balance, the price of security, back to Nature, time to grow a carrot, known covid cases, sending out the wrong messages.

Songs: “Primitive” & “Chasing Time” by Joy Zipper;  “Appalacia Falls” & “Last Stand” by Federale; “Oblivion” by The Mekons.

15 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 283: The Limits of Knowledge (with Jan Weck)”

  1. Resistance isn’t so much about the first person to fearlessly stand up alone…but about the second person that is willing to join the first. There is a great short video of a silly guy dancing by himself on the hillside at a festival. Everyone laughs at hime. Then a second joins. And shortly after that the entire hillside is dancing. Video is about 3 minutes and can be found searching for “dancing man sasquatch festival” and here is a link:

    This is not a matter of resistance. That sounds hard. It is about dancing! Dancing is fun! Freedom is fun!

    If you see someone in the supermarket dancing? No more ignoring him, take your mask off & join him !

    • Love this comment!

      Been doing that all my life, brb– stepping out as the only one dancing and then watching the dance floor fill up. Not as something I do to “break the ice”, but because I just can’t help myself.

      The lie people carry around is that dancing alone when nobody else is, well, that’s just not “cool” is it? Only a fool would embarrass themselves this way. The reality is that some music is just too fun and the body wants to wiggle with it. In the case you describe, the lie dies, reality wins and people feel their body wanting to wiggle and so they let it.

      Simply living aligned to what is real and natural, you are correct– this is not “resistance”. This is existence. And existence, being this wonderful, beautiful thing, doesn’t change just because lots of people are saying that it must because of whatever sad trip they are on.

      Freedom is indeed fun. Freedom is indeed a dance. In fact, dancing, movement, change, is the only way freedom stays limber and alive. The human spirit is energetic, emotions are physical sensations.

      Freedom only appears as “resistance” to weak, manipulated mentalities that demand we all stop existing, stop dancing, and huddle together in a quivering lump of fear.

      We are not resisting anything. What is actually there to resist? Non-existence? Lies?
      Not only is resistance “too hard”, it is entirely impossible because one must first engage with what one wishes to oppose and doing that means you have joined the cult by accepting the lie of its’ power over you.

      Keep dancing brb– you got me on the floor with you!

  2. Thanks for this, another very interesting conversation. Good to hear someone from Germany, where some of the best work is being done about this ongoing attack on humanity. The tireless Independent Corona Commission (, led by the renowned lawyer Dr Rainer Füllmich and colleagues, has just held its 45th Hearing and is launching a campaign of class-action lawsuits worldwide.

    One point of disagreement: Having attended the gigantic, joyful, peaceful, multi-national, multi-generational, mask-free demo in Berlin in August last year, and another big one a month later, I know that there are many good reasons to demonstrate (especially against muzzling, distancing and lockdown).

    1. It offers encouragement to everyone. It shows people that they are not alone.

    2. It provides information that the corporate and state media refuse to carry and work hard to suppress. (RFK Jr’s speech alone would have been worth turning out for, but others also spoke well.)

    3. It delivers further confirmation that our governments are lying shamelessly to us, both about the size of these demos and about the nature of the people who attend them.

    4. It proves, too, that people are not risking their lives by gathering in large numbers without masks or antisocial distancing. In the weeks and months following, there was no spike in “cases”; none.

    5. It gives participants an opportunity to make contact and form links. I personally met some very good people with whom I’m still in touch.

    6. It is a means of escaping from the disembodiment of The Net, of being present in the world. (People of all ages and skin-tones walked and talked for miles and hours in the sunshine in the park.)

    7. It is simply good for the soul to see so many happy, smiling, fearless faces. Even the dogs were wagging their tails. Mirror-neurons were sparking everywhere.

    To refrain from attending such events out of fear of being identified strikes me as absurd, especially if one has already published critical, sceptical and indeed angry comments about the convid coup online. There’s no escaping the panopticon, so the best policy is surely Flucht nach vorne (seek escape by pressing forward rather than retreating, and find allies while you’re doing so).

  3. “Does that pass for optimisim” ROFLMAO. I love you Jasun. Every week gets better. Want to visit your new place once your settled and do some digging or build a wall or whatever you need.

  4. My science education was not the way it is described in this conversation. There were many opportunities to verify things for oneself, or to repeat mathematical proofs. Part of the studies was to repeat famous experiments and to verify the results. It wasn’t perfect and I didn’t enjoy it particularly, but it did develop some understanding, rather than faith.

    This has also helped me in later life to discern whether what is being offered by government or media is an expression of science or something else.

    • you verified the existence of protons, quarks, and planets & stars?

      i think that was my main point, that the QUANTA of science – micro & macro – are unverifiable without government instrumentalities, just like viruses & bacteria (though we can observe *something* with a microscope, or a telescope) or, for that matter, angels & demons.

      science = knowledge & I think 98% of knowledge about existence at large is faith-based

      • No I didn’t get that far in my studies. The quanta of science, as you put it, has changed over time, as more precise measurements have become possible, and the work of one generation builds upon that of the previous one. The education proceeds along the history of science, to some degree, and I dropped out at a certain point. The properties of nature that I was given to explore were mostly ones discovered before the 20th century.

        The question of verification is also a bit high minded as proposed here, given the confounding properties of nature that have been observed experimentally, such as wave-particle duality. The concepts used in physics could be considered a best attempt to explain the observations, and will be replaced at some time in the future (probably).

      • Yes, we can observe “something” with the microscope, but what, exactly?
        When the microscope was invented scientists were able to see minute particles of “something” in a slurry of biological “goo” To see “it/them it had to be stained and applied to a slide. But what was the purpose of this “stuff”?
        It didn’t take much time at all for Rockefeller and his ilk to see the potential to make millions, if not billions by simply assuming that the”things” were what caused illnesses in the human body.
        No one was able to see these little “viruses” in action till Dr. Royal Rife appeared on the scene with his own invention of the microscope clearly demonstrating that these trillions of “exosomes/viruses are in fact gobbling up dead and dieing cells, pushing them out of our body via our mucous membranes, skin, bowels, etc.
        In short, we manufacture them and cannot exist without them .

  5. We are the remnant, the chosen ones. So make like Lot, and don’t look back.
    The world has had a year to discover the truth but refuse to do so. Their ego won’t allow it. They have become lab rats. All furry lab rats in tiny cages are incredibly grateful.

    Thinking about a time in history when we could have gone in a different direction.
    Rockefeller’s medicine comes to mind and the resulting adoption of germ theory rather than the true science of terrain theory, which isn’t actually a theory, but fact. But there is no money it that. No germ theory =no pharmaceutical cartel.

    But even if we had been exposed to real science via the few brilliant inventors and discoverers in history who “served” man, which of course had to be silenced, we would have eventually found ourselves in a similar predicament that we face today.

    I will resist to the point of death because that is who I have become. For me to surrender is to die multiple inconsequential deaths.

    Interesting talk. Thank you.

  6. Listened on my commute to the hospital where I play acoustic guitar to patients and staff. They only just recently allowed us back in: we can’t play directly for patients in the room (which is specifically what we’re trained for); they want us to prioritize playing for staff instead. Upon entering an office I share with “spiritual care,” the pastor greeted me by making a needle-injecting gesture with his hand at his shoulder: “Did you get your shot yet?” He said this with such an eerie giddiness that really took me off guard. My mom lies to people and says she got it, which I’m wondering if this might fit your tactic of “flying under the radar.” I certainly see the advantages to it. I mean, what are you supposed to say to someone who’s already been vaccinated—they can’t get un-vaccinated!

    During my 4 hours playing, my mind kept drifting to all the computer screen screensavers in the hallways, replaying a slideshow of photos of people (mostly ethnic minorities) getting the shot. A strange synchronicity happened once where I saw an “environmental services” worker with mask and face shield mopping the floors right in front of me, and then I saw his image appear on the slideshow, sleeve up, taking the jab.

    The few comments I get from patients (one tried to tip me today) and staff are what make the job worthwhile. However, after today, I wondered whether my presence in the hellscape that is the hospital is just making it barely tolerable enough for people to keep getting by, truckin’ on. Like, I’m some minstrel in the king’s court, pacifying the horrid souls of those who, by day, are killing and slaughtering, at least enough so they can get to sleep at night.

    I also struggle with this need to “assemble my ammunition of facts” so that I can “win” the argument with my friends next time the V-word comes up, most of whom have taken the narrative at face value; or, even if they question some aspects, they’re just not willing to go far enough and somehow I always end up sounding like a paranoiac (as if we’re not on the same side!).

    I think it’s really encouraging to hear you speak with others, like Jan, who have a brain and a soul and a heart in the way they respond to what’s going on. Because that is what’s ultimately lacking in people, who by now, I’m noticing, are just so jaded and fatigued that they’re willing to settle for any prospect of hope that some kind of normal might return.

    I also really enjoyed the subtle and nuanced humor. In fact, at one point, Jan said, “Or, I could tell him fuck you,” and started laughing. I about lost it. And you joined in. It felt so great. Kind of like an inside joke that we all get, but we can hardly explain how or why it’s funny. It almost felt like we transcended the tragedy that underlies what we’re laughing about. It was wonderful.

  7. Interesting to hear your thoughts, Jan and Jasun, as all this closes in on us.

    Indeed, the great majority of us banish freedom from our minds with blind, passionate fervor stoked by fear. As living representations of what little freedom remains among us, so shall this majority see to it that we are also banished.

    And so our days are numbered. What to do? Not much. We are living in a mad cult. Aside from suicide there is no escape. Our free-minded, loving actions are all we have left.

    At some point each of us will get to experience the whole “Jesus” thing? Betrayed, captured, brought before “authority” and presented with one final choice: Bow down or be killed.

    (Yawn. Same as it ever was.)

    At least it won’t be crucifixion– that would be too unsanitary for the PC crowd. I’ve heard the guillotine will be coming back into style.

    I saw Alice Cooper lose his head in one of those back in 1976. But then he strolled back out onstage from behind the drum kit and reached into the basket and held up his own head.

    Not sure I want to do that. Pretty sure I’m gonna want to stay good and dead.

  8. I would rather be angry with myself than with someone else because if someone else is responsible or to blame it means my own choice may have been the right one and that would be a lot harder to live with. Self determination is the only right choice but it necessitates the fullest conscious awareness and to me that is what this is all about.
    Btw the closing track and the previous one (Changes in the heart)= brilliant endorphin drop.

  9. Real life conversations are few and far between these days for me, and often leave a bad taste in my mind. Really appreciate this one guys. It’s so vital to hear the like minded sentiments and so eloquently expressed. Thanks.


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