The Mills of God (Guest Post by Geri Roberts)

1. Controlled Opposition

“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”
― Santosh Kalwar

I’m going to tell you a story. It is absolutely true but of course you have no way of knowing that for sure; and that is a good way to think about what you read and hear: Sprinkle it all with a huge helping of salt. Run everything through your own inner Truth Detector, and be willing to change your mind later on.

This is the story: When I had been married for twenty years, I felt very secure and smug. My husband and I had been saving money all those years, doing without many luxuries, to put money into our investment property and savings accounts for our retirement and our son’s education. My credit rating was golden. I commuted two hours a day for the best-paying job, often working yet another job on the weekends. I would look at the homeless people in downtown Philadelphia and feel superior. They were obviously lazy, weak, stupid junkies or alcoholics and deserved to be sitting on the cold pavement in the pouring rain. How dare they ask me for money!. They were probably not even homeless; just pretending to be to cheat do-gooders out of their hard-earned cash.

And then I found out that my entire life was a lie. My husband had another wife and children (no, we are not Mormons). There were no savings accounts; the money I had given him to be tucked away had been spent on them. They had been living rent-free in our investment property for years, supported largely by my salary. We had nothing.

After I got divorced, I thought my situation couldn’t get any worse. Then my job was outsourced to India, I went through bankruptcy, and my house was foreclosed on. The only reason I didn’t end up sitting on the cold pavement in the pouring rain was a family member took me in and my in-laws helped me and my son out financially. Today, when I walk through the city, I try to keep a few dollars handy to give to people who say they need it. I don’t care if they do spend the money on drugs or alcohol. I have learned not to begrudge people anything that helps them get through the day.

That is how I Woke Up to how the world really is. I realize that what had happened to me was, to a fairly significant degree, my own fault. I had taken the easy road and trusted people because I had been weak, lazy, and stupid. Neighbors, and even my in-laws and son, had tried to warn me that something was going on, but I refused to listen. I just laughed and kept on trusting because it was easier. I never bothered to look both ways and was totally unprepared for the truck that ran me over.

After all this happened, I wandered into Conspiracy Land. Many of us who have had the deck of our ship blown out from under us and have found out how unreliable our old reality was, we search frantically for a new reality. Conspiracy Land was enthralling. There were lots of people around to tell me what to believe and what not to believe; to give me ready answers to any questions I could think of. I was like Alice in Wonderland looking to the Cheshire Cat in the tree to tell her what was going on. I was strolling down the easy road once again and not looking both ways.

I loved David Icke. He helped me look at things from a spiritual view point. I read all his books and watched all his videos. They made me feel good about myself again and I needed that. Life was beautiful again, for a while. Then I began to notice that Icke said the same things over and over. Pages of his books were interchangeable. The things he said were true enough, but I kept finding all sorts of topics he never addressed. His films appeared on mainstream channels and were as slick and as glossy as the Marvel movies. I was reminded of my marriage, back when all I heard from my husband were the reassuring things I wanted to hear. The Cheshire Cat smiled a lot, but there was nothing behind the grin.

And thus I made the acquaintance of an insidious phenomenon called “Controlled Opposition.” Basically, it is another trap put in place by the Nefarious Elite to keep people who start to Wake Up stumbling around in circles inside Conspiracy Land without discovering anything of importance. Certain ideas will pop up over and over in different places and from different people. This can be a clue that the idea is planted for us to find and think we’ve discovered ourselves. At first glance, these ideas might make sense; but some deep thinking reveals the non-sense.

In fact, Conspiracy Land was actually built by the Nefarious Elite themselves. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful. We just have to be careful who we talk to and remember that nobody is what they seem. Investigate all; believe none.

Sinister forces are used to hijack the minds of people for sinister purposes. Social reality is indeed a construct, an unbelievably complicated one. And accepting the presence of Controlled Opposition does not mean we should stop asking questions. We can always be fooled, but it becomes easier to spot trickery as we become more familiar with it and our susceptibility to it. A good rule of thumb that I try to remember is: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I would say invariably and without fail. This includes everything from Space Brothers coming in ships to rapture us away from Earth, to QAnon telling us to believe in the Plan.

Anything in the mainstream media that tugs at our emotions of joy, hope, sorrow, or fear is being used to manipulate us into believing some lie. It should be considered calmly and objectively—never easy to do when the stakes are this high. It is discouraging to realize that, just when we think we have an answer, it has turned into another question.

But when we start to Wake Up, the world doesn’t change. Our perception of it changes. When I lived in a nice house in the suburbs I would have considered the place I live now to be a slum. Now I consider it home and I am grateful to have it. During our lifetime we learn to see not just the ugly things around us but the beautiful things we were blind to previously. Waking Up is a continuing, life time process that continues until our death. And death is not falling asleep, either, as we have been told all our lives. It is closer to Waking Up, into our real selves in the real world.


2. Desert of the Real

“Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.”
―Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As the above testifies, I did not want to Wake Up.  My eyes were pried open by rough fingers and I was dragged screaming from my mattress and blankets. I can tell you that, once you Wake Up, however it happens, you cannot fall back to Sleep again.  You will want to, once you get a good look at what has been going on around you while you were unconscious; but you won’t be able to.  I know, because I’ve tried.

And now that you are Awake, the first thing you will want to do is to Awaken others from their Sleep and fill them in on what has been going on.  You will want them to undo their chains and flee the cave of shadows to join you in the sunlight.  This will set everyone free and they will thank you, shedding tears of joy.

Some activists will disagree with me, but I believe this to be a very bad idea, for two reasons:

The first reason is that nobody will believe you and anything you say or do will only frighten them away.  The second reason, the important one, is that the Nefarious Elite who run this little shop of horrors we call Planet Earth have been doing this for a very long time.  They are expert jailers who have studied the psychology of us prisoners for eons. They are so good at it that we don’t even KNOW we are prisoners.

These people (if they ARE people­­—my jury is still out on that) don’t have to lift a finger to shut you up, because they have trained your fellow citizens for many generations to do it for them.  Look back through history at what has happened to those who attempted leave a Wake Up call for the human race:  They have been burned at the stake, dropped out of helicopters at 10,000 feet, hung from doorknobs, chained to walls in insane asylums, frozen to death in Siberian gulags, fired from their jobs, audited by the IRS, sucked dry by swarms of lawyers, and disowned by their families.  The lucky ones are only laughed at or ignored.

Here is an example as to how this system works:

My brother-in-law Daniel is an intelligent, college educated professional whom I very much like.  When this Great Virus Drama began last year, and he told me I should wear a mask to protect myself and others, I said the following words to him:

“Masks don’t keep viruses from spreading.”

Now, I said nothing about a hoax or a plot or about viruses being nonexistent.  What I said has been accepted by mainstream science, and even printed by the CDC.

Daniel laughed at me.  “You sound like a conspiracy theorist,” was what he said.

Since I AM a conspiracy theorist, and an old one at that, I shut up. I knew he wouldn’t listen to anything I said from that point on.  But my son Kevin, who is young and idealistic, believed that Daniel’s belief system could be expanded by a few provable facts.  Kevin told him that the words “conspiracy theorist” had been weaponized by the CIA back in the 1960’s after the Kennedy Assassination, for the mainstream media to use against anyone who questioned the findings of the Warren Commission.

Daniel replied, right on cue, “I never heard that before.  That’s just a conspiracy theory.”

Rap of the magician’s wand.  Snap of the fingers.  Abracadabra!  The magic words are spoken and the human mind, entranced by the dancing Salome of mass media, responds exactly as programmed. Off with his head!

I’m not saying we should abandon the struggle entirely.  I admit that, at times, I have wanted to just lie down in a corner and drink myself to death; but something inside me will not stop ceaselessly delving and then writing about my delving.  I will say that we need to pick our battles wisely, and not be tempted into arguments that serve no purpose but to exhaust us and feed our adversaries.

Right now, the best thing we can do is think back about how we have been lied to: by parents, school, religion, the government, the military—EVERYBODY.  All those people might not have known they were repeating lies, but it really doesn’t matter. Think of it as a Life Review of Lies.  And we must research and read and then write our ideas about all of it down.  Not just listen to podcasts or text friends or watch documentaries. Human critical faculties have atrophied over the past, oh, one hundred and fifty years or so. We cannot help anyone else to think about what is happening to them if we haven’t a clue about how to express it to ourselves.  We might be sure that something is happening, but if we have no reasoned arguments or evidence, or even coherent speech about it, we will be reduced to Conspiracy Chicken Littles.  And there are too many of those running around selling survivalist supplies on Bitchute.

If we are patient, something good might happen.  Somebody might say something while waiting in line next to us in a store, or on an internet forum.  Or a young family member who considers us a doddering eccentric might ask us a question at a family get together.  And presto—the perfectly suited, startling and thought-provoking answer leaps onto our lips and starts them on their own voyage of discovery—to Waking Up.

Will this actually happen to you?  It hasn’t happened to me yet, that I know of.  But you most likely will never know it if it does happen.  Planting a seed somewhere does not guarantee a blooming flower within an instant, and you can’t hang about waiting to see if you have more seeds to plant.


3. Magic and the Silly People (What Our Ancestors Knew)

“…disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business….”
― Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

After sixty years of studying mainstream, accepted history, I can tell you that the most interesting parts are the things it doesn’t tell you. Historians will say the same kind of thing over and over in their papers and books. This is called a narrative.  This narrative will then be hammered into the ordinary, unsuspecting person via novels, magazines, movies and TV shows. If you are willing to back up, look at these things and ask yourself the scholarly question: “What the hell is THAT?” you might get the answers to some interesting questions.  Or, more realistically, just decide that you have found some interesting questions that will never be answered.

The mainstream narrative about magic is startling when you take a good look at it. Isn’t it curious how both science and religion say roughly the same thing about magic, just as if they are secretly in cahoots together? Look back over your years in grade school or sitting in the pews of a church, when you were constantly lectured on how a belief in magic was either totally unscientific or a one-way ticket to hell. Nobody believes in magic anymore, or so you were told over and over by just about everybody.

Why is it necessary to constantly point out to us how silly our ancestors were to have believed in astrology, alchemy, fairies and, dare I say it, magic?

Were our ancestors really so silly? These people survived in a world far removed from our sanitary, comfortable and food-filled society. I have no doubt that, if I were magically transported back in time to the Ireland of my great-great grandparents, I would be dead in a month—unless my silly ancestors felt like helping me out. Which they probably wouldn’t, because I would be a useless burden. I couldn’t cook without a modern oven, sew, knit, spin wool or weave cloth on a loom, butcher and care for farm animals or brew beer or make soap and candles. Even doing laundry would be beyond me, because many of the clothes had to be picked apart at the seams so the different materials could be washed separately with appropriate soaps and then carefully stitched back together. Maybe I could manage to iron a few things before sustaining third degree burns from the irons kept red hot on top of the stove. And I might be able to work in the fields for a half hour or so, before my hands started bleeding and I fainted from exhaustion.

If our ancestors were able to see their descendants scurrying around all day with masks tied over their faces, I suspect they might wonder just who these silly people were. Or are. (My tenses are getting all mixed up.)

Our concept of magic would be alien to these people we call “primitive.”  Our attitude toward magic would strike them as childish and alarmingly unsophisticated. Our ancestors didn’t believe in the supernatural the way we do. What we call the supernatural was just part of their everyday lives: it was right there next to them and could always be accessed for good and for ill. They lived surrounded by invisible but very real beings who were either benevolent or maleficent. The latter were always trying to steal their souls and energy, their treasure and land and destroy their families.

So who were these maleficent beings? I think they were the same maleficent beings who surround us today, control our lives, steal our money and our energy and try to destroy our families, and who already have any land we still own via the banking/mortgage system.

Most people back then lived in the countryside or in small towns. They knew what the sky looked like during all seasons, what phase the moon was in on any given day, and what the weather would be the next day. Certain seeds were planted in certain phases of the moon and picked at certain times, which was what the farmer’s almanac was all about. There were no very rich people, but no very poor people either, because everybody helped one another in a community support system.

Houses were built only after the land was carefully examined for certain signs and omens from the other world. Black ants seen in the dirt were good luck, red ants bad luck. A tiny house might be built and left at the proposed site overnight. If a beetle was found atop it the next day, that was a most excellent omen! Their entire lives were lived in this fashion, in constant interaction with that other world.

These people firmly believed in this way of life and led it for generations. But over time, somehow, they stopped believing in their own magic, and in themselves. Why?

I can think of lots of answers and I was going to start listing them. Then I thought, “Why bother?” Anybody reading articles on websites knows enough about “conspiracies” to know the answers, too. These maleficent beings tricked our forebears somehow. The real puzzle for me is:  What do we do now?

My opinion is that one thing we need to do is to figure out exactly what magic is and make sure that nobody ever takes it away from us again. Of course, we can’t really lose our magic because it is what makes us–us.  We just forget about it until we wake up one morning and realize that the world is fucked and everybody is running around with masks on their faces and some men claim it is their constitutional right to use women’s bathrooms.

The Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley, defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”  This is exactly the pompously deceptive and sarcastically misleading statement the Crawling One would make. He even sticks a “k” on the end of the word to make his followers think he has come up with something new and that you have to DO magic(k) to make magic(k).  Crowley liked nothing better than to tell his followers to do the most outrageous, vile and dangerous things, then sit back and laugh when they actually were stupid enough to listen to him. Notice I don’t say that this kind of magic(k) doesn’t work in a certain fashion. But it is so degrading and dehumanizing to the people tricked into performing it that their teachers are endlessly entertained.

On the other hand, we humans make our own kind of magic simply by being ourselves. By building homes and cathedrals, raising families, sewing clothes and baking cookies. By painting, writing poetry, music and stories, breeding dogs, playing the guitar, sculpting statues, dancing Swan Lake and so on. We are endlessly creative. Any human who wants to be a magician is already one simply by being him- or herself. There is no need to be summoned to Hogwarts’ School of Wizardry. We Muggles possess more power in our little fingertips than Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort combined.

Entertaining as the Harry Potter stories are, this is the true danger they present: they tell our children that they must stop being human in order to “perform magic.”  And the stories neglect to mention that when you do “perform magic,” it gives you nothing that will make you happy. It opens a bottomless pit deep inside you that will always remain a yawning, running sore, no matter how many material things you fill it with.

I believe that the Nefarious Elite currently find themselves impaled on the horns of a dilemma. They are attracted by our creative power, and crave it for themselves; at same time, they are terrified of it. To feed off us they need to control us, but to do that they must trick us into giving up the creativity, or human magic, that protects us. Like a child rapist trying to recapture innocence, they have to destroy what they desire in order to steal it, and they never figure this out. They are Chronos devouring their own children.

So it seems the Nefarious Elite are finally obtaining control of us. They are getting ready to sit down at the global table and scarf up all that juicy human energy, joy and creativity they have rounded up. But what is actually waiting for them on their fine China plates? Dried-up zombies afflicted with the same mindless vacuity and greed of their “masters.” The meal will taste terrible and provide no nourishment, only poison. The Nefarious Elite will have no idea what has happened. They never do. This scenario has probably played out over and over on many planets or dimensions, or on whatever stages this drama is unfolding.

So if our Overlords are not the masters they seem to be, maybe we are not the victims we perceive ourselves as? Maybe we have things backwards. Perhaps we come here and pretend to be weak and powerless so the inmates can experiment on us and, we hope, finally come to understand the true nature of this Universe? But, like kindergarten teachers who kneel down on the rug to play with the children, we get so into the process that we completely forget we are adults?

In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the two mighty wizards, Sauron and Saruman, are in the end defeated by a walking party of plump little hobbits who prefer a good meal and a puff of pipe-weed to a kingdom full of gold. All the sorcery and deception in the world is no match for an innate trust in our natural selves to guide us.

Geri Roberts

To contact Geri write to: bluemars7777 at gmail

23 thoughts on “The Mills of God (Guest Post by Geri Roberts)”

  1. Q: What do we do now?
    A: This is a spiritual war, so we need to get spiritual: a return to real religious (‘bound together’) communities, meaningful religious practice, and committed religious beliefs – that we will fight for, and die for if necessary.

    This is not liminal, but liminalism – when the jaws of the nefarious elite crocodiles are almost around our necks – would be inertia at a time when movement is needed.

    • Note to readers: The above comment does not reflect the orientation of Auticulture, rather flies 180 degrees in the face of it. No one is being encouraged to fight or die for their beliefs here, or to create a movement around them. Such methods play into the hands of the apparatus of control and as such should be considered irresponsible advice.

      Also, liminalism is misrepresented, grossly, as inertia or fence-sitting, rather than relating to the “Jesus solution” of resist not evil and turn the other cheek, that is, keeping the heart open and the nervous system relaxed no matter what kinds of adversity are being faced. This is the only approach that is guaranteed to work when entering into the Chinese soul trap of Satan’s AI harvest.

  2. Very well done. Your writing embodies your premise; being down-to-earth is a return to magic. This helped remind me, thank you.

  3. Excellent. Sorry you too married a bigamist. I later referred to him as a big mist.

    The predator class see us as having less value than ants, according to Rockefeller, then to drop us to our knees and schedule our extermination is merely entertainment for them.

    Suddenly reminded me of an Australian movie I once saw called “Where the Green Ants Go To Dream. I think they were green. A mining company wanted to dig up the land owned my the native peoples who objected vehemently, warning of impending doom toward anyone who disturbed the ants.

    Attempting to wake people up using logic, analytics and irrefutable evidences is a waste of time according to my friends and I do agree. But planting seeds here and there, yes, that’s the way go.

    Thank you for your insight. Magic comes in all shapes and sizes, forcing us to wonder.

    • I must mention that the information about the ants came from The Tradition of Household Spirits: Ancestral Lore and Practices by Claude Lecouteux which is mainly about European traditions. But thank you for bringing up that movie “Where the Green Ants Dream” That movie was in the back of my mind also and rose to the surface when I read your comment. Our ancestors throughout the world, from Australia to Siberia to Africa to the Americas, seem to have shared the same basic beliefs and attitude toward the land and their place in it.

      • I very much enjoyed reading your work presented here.
        Yes our connection to the land is powerful. Perhaps that is because when our bodies perish they go back to being the dust of the earth. Not sure, but thank you.

  4. Loved this, thank you Geri!

    Such an honest, simple account of a rewarding yet painful journey that reminds me of my own.

    I struggle at times to understand things said here, but not this time. (Jasun’s mind is such that he writes in High-Definition and, well, my little old Intel processor fails sometimes and it comes out in my head all pixelated.)

    When you started using the word “magic” it confused me, being one of those abstract words that means so many different things. I tend to smell snake-oil whenever folks use it.

    Then later you related the word to your idea of natural living which I certainly understand having experienced things myself that I can only call “magical” in their mysterious delight.

    I loved the Hobbit reference at the end as well. An interesting detail is that although the humble Hobbits did bear the burden of transporting the Ring of Power back to the fires of its’ origin, remaining uncorrupted by it where no man could, they did not actually dispose of it themselves. At the last moment, Frodo succumbed to the rings’ power and refused to throw it into the fire. It was the obsessive greed within Gollum (a twisted, distorted Hobbit) that caused the fight whereby the ring was destroyed.

    Perhaps this little twist is JRRTs’ way of telling us that certain traits within us that we may consider “negative” in fact do have value in certain extreme situations?

  5. >“…keeping the heart open and the nervous system relaxed no matter what kinds of adversity are being faced.”

    >Should this Jesus wisdom be selectively applied only within the scenario of Satan’s AI Harvest? Or does it work also when adversity is encountered within ones’ own personal relationships / family

    it;s a one-size fits all solution but family is a special case because we are socially conditioned to see them as our support system, rather than an energy drainage system with backed up poop channels; the first step is being able to see one;s family dispassionately & not as a duty to love and honor but as the foes that make up one;s own household. Then you can love thine enemy as thy neighbor. Family is a system like the human body is a system

    • “… family is a special case because we are socially conditioned to see them as our support system, rather than an energy drainage system with backed up poop channels; the first step is being able to see one;s family dispassionately & not as a duty to love and honor but as the foes that make up one;s own household. Then you can love thine enemy as thy neighbor. Family is a system like the human body is a system”. Agreed.

      And yet, it might not be impossible not to be an enemy to one’s own child. Fingers crossed.

  6. An energy drainage system with backed up poop. That describes my family or at least my perception of it. Being the eldest of six with an insane, maleficent father and a low functioning mother and having to care for my sibs was pure hell.

    I never loved them. In fact I never liked any of them. Maybe that’s a good thing as it spurred me toward a different trajectory with the hope that none would follow me. Escaping their clutches has been an ongoing struggle as their oppressive shadow drapes over me occasionally.

    Conclusion, we share some DNA. I can’t outrun that. So I must finally avoid the mirrors and rest.

  7. Thank you, I enjoyed reading that essay.

    Conspiracy Land is like an enchanted world where you can spend years excitedly following conspicuously placed breadcrumb trails in circles and get nowhere. There’s always enough stimulus to keep the susceptible enticed, with the suggestion that the truth is just around the corner.

    I first heard of David Icke in the late nineties, in a book written by an Anthroposophist. He referred to a statement of Steiner’s, to the effect that the only thing more dangerous than an outright lie is a partial truth, told malevolently. He gave Icke the benefit of the doubt, believing that he was a sincere person being played by dark forces.

    I think Tolkein and those hobbits were on to something. I love me a bit of pipeweed and elderberry wine at the close of day, and some songs by the fireside. The demons flee in the face of mirth.

    • Thank you for this astute comment. I love to think of the demons fleeing in the face of mirth–I think they really do! I want to give David Icke the benefit of the doubt. But anyone, however innocent, who is tricked into following a dark path must eventually look around and realize where that path is leading. Or not. It is difficult imagine walking in anyone else’s shoes.

      • I wanted to add that at first I had no intention of buying Icke’s latest book, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind. But I think that now I must in order to read it critically, not emotionally, and pinpoint new questions. And I’ll probably have to write an article about it, which I’ll find painful. I believe that any writer or artist who appeals to us emotionally, as Icke does, should be examined from a more detached viewpoint. People follow Icke mainly because they admire him personally, as evidenced in the comments on Amazon. I used to leave the same kind of comments.


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