The Liminalist # 289: The Mis-Representors of Reality (with Michelle Horsley & Kate Ledogar)

Conversation with Kate Ledogar & Michelle Horsley on media manipulations, false narrative creation, and why most people stay away from too much reality and watch TV instead.

Part One: Off the Map (0 – 32 mins)

Long-distance connections, how babies learn Spanish, dental synchronizations, a rise in teeth-cracking during covid, Gabor Mate’s infancy, the way things are, your experts vs. my experts, VAERS, vaccine injuries, 5000+ deaths, swine flu scare, Fauci’s tipping point, global re-engineering off the map, an energy crisis, the Wuhan virus, early days of covid, working the thrift store in Hope, being (mis)guided by official sources, a class divide in responses to covid, caricaturing the poor, the death of the ace reporter.

Part Two: State of Derangement (32 mins – 1 hr 3 mins)

When big news get buried, outside of a paradigm, native child trafficking in BC, making sense of the world, meeting the impossible, David Peace’s Red Riding novels, placing truth in fiction, deranged by reality, encountering organized malevolence, defaulting to blind trust, the devil you know, the nanotech vaccine, TWA flight 800, people keeping silent,  ironed-out theories, something fishy in Canada, medical insurance and hand-outs, the consensus reality boundary, connecting the dots, belief in ETs, a collective doublethink.

Part Three: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1 hr 3 – 1 hr 30 mins)

What people believe, what do we know in our bodies, a false idea of consensus, dispassionately processing dark realities, tips of iceberg tips, the myth of humanity, undercover operatives everywhere, the mis-representors of reality, contact in CIS, the problem of lying, reasons for lying, deception for a supposed good, how COINTELPRO operatives destroy community, intell. recruits, a slippery slope, crypto-scientologists & security contractors, NLP & mainstream media, NLP in writing, a world hypnotized.

Part Four: Programmed Humanity (1 hr 30 mins – end)

Eye contact while driving, anonymizing masks, Derren Brown, body manipulation for mind control, lying & the social contract, the trivial ways we lie, the self-serving white lie, why conscious lying comes easy, the problem of living together, a slippery slope, faking a happy Christmas to make it, Raimond Gaita, the difference between spin and lying, lying as self-defense, Fauci’s game, troubleshooting with the Amazon eggregore & human bots, you cannot lie to a computer, getting past an operative’s programming.

Songs: “Primitive” by Joy Zipper;  “Heidi’s Theme” by Federale; “Haenim” by Kim Jung Mi “Now”; “Cast No Shadows” by The Mekons.

24 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 289: The Mis-Representors of Reality (with Michelle Horsley & Kate Ledogar)”

  1. Health is seen to be the ability to “rally” from insults and obstacles! What is relaxation? The ability to allow whatever is happening to happen; and enjoy the experience. Gabor Mate will say as much

  2. It’s funny you say that Australians know when their politicians are lying (when they open their mouths, boom boom!), and prior to Feb last year I would’ve whole heartly agreed, but with Covid, that cynsicism/healthy disrepect for authority has totally evaporated. We shut down cities of millions (schools, hospitals, funerals, the whole ball of wax) for a single case. We can’t leave the country even if we commit to paying for the mandatory quaratine on return. In Brisbane where I live, the third biggest city in Oz, in April this year when their was sinlge case of community transmitted virus that triggered the lock-down, you could get fined for not wearing a mask in your car, even with no other passengers. And…. .and this is the big ‘and’, it’s resoundingly supported in the community. Politicians double down on mongering as it’s a big vote winner. Australia; always famous for beer, now we can add fear.

  3. You briefly touched on the rumors of injection sites exhibiting magnetic pull in some mRNA vaccine recipients. I had initially written this off as probable disinformation, possibly being seeded to discredit Covid vaccine skepticism as such. However, although I haven’t observed the phenomenon in person myself (and am pretty certain I would just get odd looks if I asked any of the mRNA recipients in my immediate circle), the sheer volume of videos being posted, including one to a small local Slack group I am in, makes me think there is possibly something to it. If it *is* disinformation it’s a highly organized and prolific operation, that’s for sure.

    Stepping back a second, it got me thinking — if they did give everyone a vaccine that made their arms magnetic, how would we even know? The media would not touch on it, save perhaps to issue the expected denials, like the very nasty segment Jimmy Kimmel produced on the “magnet challenge.” One would think word of mouth would *surely* get around — but if I, a raging Covid vaccine skeptic, am too cowed to ask anyone, how could I expect that the vast vaccinated majority would do so?

    • if you mention it to someone you know has the implant, and receive the anticipated scoff, you can then whip out a magnet and say, “Well, since I happen to have this with me, shall we test it?”

      • I tested it on my sister who’d had the Astro Zeneca stab. No magnetism. I’ve since heard it’s the people who’ve had the Pfizer stab that have experienced magnetism. I suspect it’s another way to get one group of people to think another group of people are nuts……

        • My understanding is it’s limited to the mRNA vaccines, and only maybe half of recipients. You also have to have the right kind of somewhat powerful magnet and hunt around a lot to find the right spot, so it might be easy to miss even on someone who is experiencing the phenomenon.

          There’s a huge volume of videos once you start looking for them. If it’s all faked for psyop purposes (or by people just looking for viral views) they’re certainly putting a lot of effort into it.

      • Check out Codex Seraphanius (viewable prob at ?) for a viewable alt fantasy rendering of emergent language and visuals….

  4. Thank you. What a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a warm cloudy day.
    I don’t believe in aliens but I’ve seen three UFOs in Hope.

    March 2020 came and I knew within a few days that this covid thing was all crap.
    If never trusted any authorities or any agency that has power over anyone because they have almost never been trustworthy. Then I did the research which indicated to me that my supposition was correct and something was afoot.

    Seems to me that the predator class have maintained for some time that the world is vastly over populated and yet are funding the vaccines that will supposedly save us from a deadly virus.

    I have not been paying any attention to Fauci, or bats, or mask mandates. No, I’m watching 5G towers being erected at near lightening speed. The media wants us to watch “their” thing while what is happening behind the screen is the important element. That’s magic.

    On lying. We all do it of course for a variety of reasons. But the motive. Sometimes lying is a kindness. Sometimes it’s dissociative. Sometimes it’s saying you see four fingers when in fact you see three.

    Thank you everyone.

  5. As soon as the footage of people fainting / dying on the streets was broadcast I became suspicious. If that was happening the CCP wouldn’t have allowed it to be aired even locally, let alone broadcast internationally. Dictatorships do not allow incriminating information to be known by anyone and first hand witnesses are usually threatened or imprisoned. Can anyone imagine Stalin calling a press conference to announce the famine in the Ukraine. Never going to happen.

    Once the leaders of the ‘free world’ lauded people’s front doors being welded shut as an ingenious solution to a virus I sensed a worldwide coup. When Neil Ferguson lamented that UK and EU governments don’t have the authority of the CCP to do away with civil rights, there was no doubt left in my mind.

    Bear in mind that financial forecasts for 2019 were disastrous. Bernanke claimed early in the year that it was going to be worse than 2008.

    The only point that I disagree with Michelle on is that there’s an energy crisis. I sense that like human caused climate change, it’s artificial and serves as an excuse for the owners to claim what’s left, so that no form of independence is possible. A power grab mixed in with old fashioned theft and plunder under the veil of preventing poverty and economic collapse. The economy which isn’t real.

    Quite bizarre how pleasant it is to listen to your conversation given the subjects. Almost calming.

  6. i noticed within the first 15 mins a strange invasive bleep like a digital wall clock saying it is time to go to the dentist? . I have a rare three root molar.

  7. Listening to you folks riffng about morality, I realised that like many folks of your age, gen x or whatever, you are top down principled deductive thinkers as we all were back in the day when religion still held sway to a degree, even if you saw yourself as prog, apriori principles where the order of the day and inferential (infernal) inductve reeasoning, often associated with utilitarianism (whats in it for me) was still seen as suspect.

    To catch myself a little here, having read and listened to Jasun a lot over the years, I would say the key to his resonance is that he has encountered and become adept at the art of Abductive thinking, the third option. Where deductivism adheres to noble (or not ) principles , inductivists start with a hypotheses and then look around for evidence that might confirm or debunk it (science), the abductivist has no facts and no hypothesis and is an intuitive method that allows one to be abducted into Hades realm, returning with nuggets of truth that gradually cohere to form a picture, much like the detective ‘Vera’.

    I guess this is part of the constructivist metaphysical inversion of our times, where Alice finds herself through the Looking Glass and everything is topsy turvy. Constructivism, or relativism, was prominent in the Soviet Union but has been around for ever and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. It comes and goes, and unfortunately at the moment, it comes. The Christians weren’t huge fans of it, they dubbed it ‘Satanism’

    Immanuel Kant was an abductivist in that he tried to build an abstract metphysical bridge between empirical matter and transcendent spirit, but they are not even teaching him in the academy these days, its all constructivism. I feel for the young people, they must feel so trapped without even knowing it perhaps. At least people of our generation have an inkling of other ways of being.

  8. To clarify
    Relativist Constructivism is inferential, bottom up.
    I notice that many villains in popular culture these days are top down principled deductivists, like Shigur in ‘No Country For Old Men’ or Hannibal Lecter who teaches Clarrise reasoning from first principles, Marcus Aurelius style.
    Otherwise, deductivists are depicted as being mentally ill.

  9. The advantage we have over the AI algorithms lies in their mathematical nature. As Kurt Godels incompleteness theorem showed, not even the prime numbers can be proved. If there is no proof, they are mere illusions, and will vanish if we focus our attention on them in the right way. The alternative is not ‘Good’

  10. To the extent that we are forced to battle for our souls at the phenomenal level is the extent to which we will all have to become Morpheus like Tricksters.

  11. The best phenomenal judo approach is by Yves Citton in ‘The Ecology of Attention’
    In this register if we keep our intentions and attention married, we stand a chance of altering the algorithm ..
    or we can bug out to a monastery and pray they dont find us.

  12. Thanks for this discussion- it prompted a status update:

    Dear younger Ross, Culture works like a network of agreements that are upheld for functional or profitable reasons. It’s not necessarily ‘reality’ but it’s nested within it. It has some reality, but also some lies. To really find satisfaction, it seems like you have to encounter the wider reality that culture sits within and take personal ownership of how those two frames are in constant tension with each other and may or may not be harmonious and then understand that yourself and everyone you meet is attempting to reconcile this in their mind and that’s OK. Yours sincerely, Older Ross.

  13. The song Haenim has been on heavy rotation in our lives for the past few months. Nice and kind of spooky hearing it here. Love you to you both in Spain!

  14. I have not opined here in some time but Jasun said something that I had to comment upon: Somewhere in there, he said something along the lines of “I wrote all these book and I couldn’t change people’s minds.” Which isn’t exactly true. I’ve read Prisoner and Vice and you changed or influenced my thinking on several things. So all this hortatory preaching does add up. Just maybe you didn’t change the thinking of anyone in Whitehall or the Pentagon. The only thing that influences those minds is fear of losing control.

  15. Meant to add, Jasun, if you want to dive deep into the whole COVID thing (and other psychological operations), check into Whitney Webb’s work online at Unlimited Hangout. She would be an excellent guest to have on your podcast. Much appreciate all of your work, my friend!

      • Actually I was thinking of Lisa Johnson, who wrote about Julian Assange; WW seems too young, heavily promoted, and a la mode to come out on the Lim


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