What if Some People Out There in the World Are Not Like Us? (Legalize Freedom Interview)

Jasun Horsley and Greg Moffitt ponder the question: “What if some people out there in the world are not like us?”

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Some people go through life not quite feeling fully part of the human race. Surrounded by untold millions who seem to want from life only that which they are told they should want, those who refuse a simple life of comfort and consumption are often made to feel like misfits and failures by the corporate machines and media matrix which promote and profit from mass conformity.

But what if there are more bodies than souls on Earth and, despite what we are told, all people are not in fact created equal? Do all humans really have the same potential? Are all the people in the world fully human or, merely existing rather than living, even human at all? A Tulpa is a paranormal being created through spiritual or mental powers, either through a deliberate act of individual will or unintentionally from the thoughts of numerous people. Could this concept account for the strange, uncanny sense some people have about many of the humanoid beings they live among, and about a consensus reality splintering more and more with each passing day?

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15 thoughts on “What if Some People Out There in the World Are Not Like Us? (Legalize Freedom Interview)”

  1. Michael Malice stated that 25% of people were thought to have no sense of human and he guesstimates that amount of people also have no soul. Obv not backed up by concrete data. Still, I find myself wondering ‘is it just me, alone out here surrounded by people solidified by inertia?’.
    My kin don’t fee like kin.
    Perhaps it’s me without a soul.

  2. Good to see you continuing to explore the ‘terror’ incognita with the estimable Mr Moffat, even if our personal association was somewhat short lived.
    You always do great interviews with Greg.
    I want to recommend a book to you (and your readers/listeners) that I think will help shed considerable light on the areas you’ve devoted yourself to understanding more fully:
    The Master and his Emissary, by Iain McGilchrist.
    It has the kind of scope and ambition I feel sure will appeal to you.

  3. Both in the Elias and Seth materials they describe something which they call fragment personalities. As the name suggests these individuals are not fully developed as to how we would normally understand person hood.
    I seem to recall that Jung discussed this although my memory very faint on this one.

  4. Love the topic, thank you.
    Was it Skinner who claimed that infants are born “a blank slate”?
    I’m not certain about that premise, genetics aside, those who study infancy and early childhood have come to the conclusion that some infants/children are clearly very resilient while many are not and will eventually fail to thrive, some very early, be it days or months into their existence while others manage to grow and develop at an optimal rate regardless the adversity they are immersed in, including extreme circumstances.

    I wonder of those who are not resilient but also not on deaths door are those masses we see today who managed to remain alive but are quite stunted in their development. They are not curious about anything outside of themselves and focus only on their own immediate comfort.

    Then there are the rest of us who decided early in our lives that life would not be worth living if we couldn’t explore the world around us, if we couldn’t adapt, if we couldn’t grow, if we couldn’t become fascinated by the fruits of our endeavors.

    We don’t fit in. But then isn’t it fabulous that we don’t?

  5. Can someone recount an interaction with one of these soulless tulpas? Does a identify come close to a tulpa? If so aren’t we just plying elaborate ‘we’re better than them’ games so we don’t have to face our own facelessness.

  6. Interesting topic and discussion.. projection was touched on briefly and does seem to be in the mix. When I walk round the supermarket and have the experience of the other shoppers’ zombie-like behaviour I wonder are they looking at me and thinking the same about me? Ie is this more symptoms associated with machine society and associated *Disconnection* as well as the fact we are biologically hard-wired to only be able to have meaningful relationships with around 200 other souls…??
    Having said that I do like Jasun’s metaphysical models that provide an even broader (possible) context… but when I say “like” is that just intellectual stimulation or soul-body recognition?


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