The Liminalist # 295: The Tower of Song (with Ann Diamond)

Return conversation with Ann Diamond on where the evidence-body of Leonard Cohen’s legacy is buried, and why.

Part One: Circles of Hell (0 – 32 mins)

Bodies under McGill, Kevin Annett, MKULTRA, circles of Hell, pillars of Montreal, culture of crime, enter Leonard Cohen, a messiah complex, going to the dark side, 360 shades of gray.

Part Two: Among the Influencers (32 – 56 mins)

A shining light, among the influencers, Cohen’s circle, unseen Cohen stuff, evolution of “Hallelujah,” a foot in organized crime, Zen monasteries.

Part Three: Weaponized Art (56 mins – 1 hr 26 mins)

Peter Matheson, CIA Buddhism, monastic warehouses for traumatized agents, code of silence, controlled art market, CIA & expressionism, culture wars, weaponized art.

Part Four: Kitsch Limbo (1 hr 26 mins – end)

Canceling Cohen, Cohen’s two sides, a spiritual war, false idols, a teacher of human duplicity, don’t trust the packaging, healing the fragment, turning Cohen kitsch, Sebastian’s cult of celebrity, a satanic trap, the tower of song, articulating insanity, a death cult, the hummingbird.

Ann’s blog

Ann Diamond in the news

Bodies Under McGill, Current News Story



6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 295: The Tower of Song (with Ann Diamond)”

  1. Thank you Kate and Jasun — and sorry we had to cut out a piece but one of these days I will put together a case for Leonard Cohen: programmed assassin. The borders of our imagination need constant stretching to encompass these End of Days scenarios that we are being treated to.

    16 Maps of Hell looks like a major step in that direction. Bravo to you. May you prosper in Spain–

  2. Just remembered that Carlos Castenada was hiding up at Mt. Baldy at the same time…Is Anne going to report on the Kamaloops ?


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