• The idea of free speech is a luxury for those who have learned to police their own thoughts.

The Liminalist # 111: The Tool of Tyrants (with Jan Irvin)

Conversation with Jan Irvin on what’s in a name and suggestogens, the John Allegro attacks, Wasson & CIA, overturning the entire field of ethnobotany, Peter Levenda & Trine Day as disinformation peddlers, being surrounded by dissemblers, a circle jerk of citations, from psychedelics to entheogens, mind-manifestations, recreating the fall of man, gnosis as ego inflation, the Trivium, Terence McKenna & MKULTRA, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 110: A Life Unknowing (with Wendy Hoffman)

Conversation with organized ritual abuse survivor Wendy Hoffman, author of The Enslaved Queen, on being fragmented, finding internal structures, connecting to inner parts, a special friend, a pre-existing soul, learning to dissociate, splitting the mind, maternal rejection, landscape layers, remembering, current contact, a foam of a life, a life unknowing, dream and nightmare, mother-beatings, Michelle Remembers, finding the ground, a … Read the rest

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The Liminalist 109.5: The Unknown Treasure (with David Livingstone)

Part two of conversation with David Livingstone, on religion and dogma,  the imposition of human rights, pluralistic empires, control vs. suppression, sensitivity to the body’s intelligence, boundaries & consensus, the vice of kings, the fundamentals of fascism, transgender & transhumanism, the message, the unknown treasure, Lurianic Kabbalah, the myth of progress, the devil’s plan, the invisible creator, Apocalypse-driving, proactive Gnostics, the golden … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 109: The Dupes of the Superman (or Smokeless Fire; with David Livingstone)

Part one of a two-part conversation with researcher David Livingstone, on occultism, discordianism, & transhumanism, how science was shaped by occultism, a post-Christian era, dogmatic empiricism, mapping cultural trends, collecting circumstantial evidence, Tavistock & the development of social psychology, occultism as ideology, the scientific method vs. scientism, the ideology of science, Nick Bostrom & H-plus, Gnosticism as the Bible inverted, the devil’s … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 108.5: Instrument of Aristocracy (with William Ramsey)

Part two of conversation with William Ramsey, on subtle infiltration, a psychotic break, Sebastian Horsley & the hidden aristocratic lifestyle, Temple of Psychic Youth & adolescent appeal of occultism, Harry Potter as sorcery vehicle, trauma, Satanism, and identity politics, negative identity, the pendulum, Christopher Isherwood, a post Crowley nexus, Lord Tredegar, Augustus John, instrument of aristocracy, John Sykes’ dog, Agent 666, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 108: The Crowley Assignation (with William Ramsey)

Part one of two-part conversation with author William Ramsey, on Aleister Crowley’s cultural impact, 9/11 and numerology, Robin Bryans’ The Dust Has Never Settled, Lord Tredegar & Black Masses, Peter Levenda & the Crowley wall of denial, The World’s Tragedy, comparing Crowley to Ted Bundy, de-emphasizing AC’s pathology, Betty Ma’s testimony, Crowley’s appeal to the artistic class, the crucifixion of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 107.5: Embracing Impermanence (with Keith Gordon)

Part two of conversation with Keith Gordon, on getting movies made, Mother Night, getting Nick Nolte, SOP agent behavior, Singing Detective & Robert Downey Jr., remaking Dennis Potter, TV vs. movies, Brett Easton Ellis, working in TV, turning down Marvel movies, trying to get a TV show set up, how networks make money, a conglomeration of income streams, propaganda & entertainment, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 107: One Man’s Heaven (with Keith Gordon)

First of a two-part conversation with actor and director Keith Gordon, on over- and underrated directors, Dressed to Kill, Home Movies, working with Brian DePalma, Gordon as science-wiz-kid, making Home Movies, growing up in the theater, 2001: A Space Odyssey, working in MOMA, random opportunities, Jaws 2, informal training, Bob Fosse and All That Jazz, working with … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 106.5: The Unsaid & the Unseen (with Frances Hutchens)

Part two of conversation with Frances Hutchens, on public trauma-sharing, being triggered by death, love & violence, trauma-based culture, domestic murder scene, parkour and body work, premeditation, a pawn in the game, inter-generational trauma, the option of consciousness, an abuse spectrum, the unsaid and the unseen, ancestral patterns, a ripening of patterns, MKULTRA school, pressure & process, an ancestral meta-organism, what you … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 106: Love, Sex, & Contractual Agreements (with Frances Hutchens)

Conversation with Frances Hutchens, on sex contracts, contractual relationships, courtship, changing sexual roles, the looking-for-sex field, how writing de-romanticizes, how culture defines romantic love, contentment unsung, alchemical marriage, why do young people get married, the divorce season, big weddings, the culture of blame, the desire for certainty, freedom of prostitutes, marriage & the eternal, the crucible, signing a sex contract, the mysterious … Read the rest

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The Liminalist 105.5: Uneasy Alliances (with Holly Grigg-Spall)

Part two of return conversation with Holly Grigg-Spall, on a culture in crisis, the Hollywood liberal set’s new mission, celebrity-stands, Holly’s circle, the luxury of disagreeing, being beholden to others, many invisible thresholds, becoming part of a cultural edifice/audience cult, losing control of the branches, the danger of agendas, putting a handle on oneself, Steve Bannon on birth control, uneasy alliances, acceptable … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 105: The Hollywood Threshold (with Holly Grigg-Spall)

Return conversation with Holly Grigg-Spall on liminality or Illuminati?, the Hollywood threshold, where saying yes can lead, the women’s march, reminders of female biology, identity bearings, polarization & ideological grouping, obliged responses to Trump, losing friends over ideology, a 4-yr freak-out, being unmoored by peer pressure, the main thing is to panic, Trump the trigger-monster, the energy of male abuse, targeting the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 104.5 (A Life of Keepers, with Susan Frey)

Part two of conversation with Susan Frey,  on discerning benevolence from malevolence, an inner compass, deconstruction, a sensation of being, reinforcing the signal, celebrity culture, the coming generations/generation gaps, positivistic values, trauma rationales, the desire to be the one who fixes, immortality, harvesting organs, fear of death, avoiding the reckoning, the load of an unlived life, the problem of mortality, a nurse … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 104: A Liminal Life (with Susan Frey)

Part one of a conversation with Susan Frey, PhD, on meeting Jim Kunstler, Susan’s five careers, the backdoor to the healthcare system, sick buildings, designing healthy schools from the inside out, Common Core and education as programming, neurotic patterns, the problem with agendas, ethic-free agendas, community-building, theater of absurd realism, human-animal chimeras, Trump the pig-human, the coming of the bots, beyond conspiracy … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 103: The Lovecraft Paradox (with Heather Poirier)

Return conversation with Heather Poirier, on writing as detective work, discovering HP Lovecraft, cosmic indifference and the real horror, The Dunwich Horror, levels of accessibility, the Lovecraft Project, Lovecraft’s writers circle, the end of anthropocentricism, August Derleth, indifference vs. malevolence, the way the cosmos rocks, the question of ethics, a harmless life, Lovecraft’s Roman values, rejecting Jung, the Enlightenment and gothic … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 102: Everything Happens at Night (with Alison Miller)

Conversation with Alison Miller, therapist and author of Healing the Unimaginable, on discovering ritual abuse, meeting inner children, dissociative identity disorders, False Memory Syndrome, how widespread is ritual abuse, the therapeutic community’s awareness of organized abuse, psychologically sophisticated organized crime, Elizabeth Loftus & the agenda to discredit memory, Lori Handrahan & the child porn industry, liminal realities, an innate resistance to … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 101: When Two Rams Meet (with French Radio Constellation)

Epic return conversation with French Radio Constellation guy, comparing Aries, pioneers and leaders, goats & sheep, learning the rules, the use of clichés, technique & improvisation, the Internet & autonomy, releasing a CD, publishing The Blood Poets, David Bowie’s post-Scary Monsters period, loving Elvis, Hunky Dory & occultism, Crowley & Nietzsche, Crowley’s malevolence, liberation through transgression, the art & the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 100.5: The Territory of Belief (with Joseph L. Flatley)

Part two of a conversation with Joseph L. Flatley, on pedophile rings, adding info to the map, an ontological rollercoaster, from Strieber to the Manchurian Candidate, Tavistock, high concept conspiracy theory & how to discredit the dots by joining them too soon, the program of society, Coleman & LaRouche, Beatles-as-social-engineering, swimming against the current, keeping thoughts at bay, self-censorship, Pizzagate, creating narratives … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 100: Where’s the There? (with Joseph L. Flatley)

Talking to Joseph L. Flatley, on Joseph’s interests, meeting Flat Earth-ers, getting accused of being an agent of Mossad, the error of flat-earthism as an appeal to antiquity, targeted individuals and energy-directed weapons, an honest dialogue between opposing viewpoints, falling between two stools, alien abductions & the eyes of beholders, a wide spectrum of belief, questioning the literal reality of the paranormal, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 99.5: Simon’s Denial (with Tom Mellett)

Part two of conversation with Tom Mellett, OTO ritual on Discovery Channel, Jim Wasserman, crashing RFK’s funeral, wandering bishops, Levenda-as-Zelig, Intelligence pranking, the Trickster & crazy wisdom, Peter Levenda’s ambiguous intelligence affiliations, Tom’s stint in military intelligence, Sims Bainbridge, The Process Church, & religious engineering, the power of speaking truth, the Levenda agenda, higher directives, agents of trauma, Afro-Caribbean magic, Lovecraft’s racism, … Read the rest

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