The Liminalist: The Podcast Between

The Liminalist # 188: Coalition of Chaos (with Charles Upton)

Return conversation with Charles Upton, on electromagnetic spirits, the psychic mine-fields around Alexander Dugin, Putin’s berserker, poaching traditional metaphysics, postmodernism’s egregious contradictions, schismogenesis, symptoms of a split, traditional metaphysics as

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The Liminalist # 179: Liminal Times (with Benjamin Boyce)

Two-hour conversation with Benjamin Boyce, on growing up in closet aristocracy, Fabian society, champagne socialists, anti-establishment establishment values, neoliberalism, malevolence and rhetoric, generational hypocrisy, Northern Foods, intelligence community and Fabianism,

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The Liminalist # 178: Hive Mind Hello

Short solo podcast with Jasun, on the rise of the Super-ego, nihilism & narcissism, Satanism & scientism, the scientific worldview and the loss of eternity as context, the image of

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